102 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Stopping To Smell The Flowers

Spring brings the return of the Bouganvilla in Florida

As sure as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, so comes a beautiful spring each year at our Florida home. March is the month that our temperatures start creeping back into the 80’s and 90’s, and we are reminded how precious the winter has really been.

I have always loved flowers, plants and trees, and even when I was a youngster, I had my hands in the dirt right beside my Grandmother and my Mother.  Both of them were blessed with green thumbs and I guess maybe a little of that rubbed off on me.

A Beautiful Red Amarylis Stands Tall In My Herb Garden

Flowers that spring from the ground from a bulb have always just delighted me. I helped my Mother plant bulbs everywhere, and I remember as a kid the magic that I felt the very first time these little brown and white clumps turned into a sea of flowers. Seeing the Forget Me Nots and the Hyacinths literally pop up through the snow was quite simply a miracle; at least in the eyes of a kid. It seemed to signify that old man winter was moving on, and life would begin again. Could I possibly be the only one who truly thought this was a miracle?

My all time favorite during the spring season was when the entire yard was filled with the sweet smell of Tulips.  Even today, Tulips are my favorite, and I miss them since they do not thrive here in Florida.

My first Amarylis of the season - This one has 12 separate blooms.

If I were to pick a second favorite flower it would be the Amaryllis, and the warm Florida weather is the perfect environment for these beauties.  After several unsuccessful years of waiting on the Amaryllis to bloom, I have finally cracked it – I now have a yard filled with them and as we speak, I have almost a half dozen in bloom and more on the way!

Shortly after moving to our home Geoffrey and I planted Roses in our front garden.  I guess the fondness for Roses dates back to when I was growing up too, because they were always my Mom’s favorite.  Once the temperatures begin to drop in the fall we cut them back and shortly thereafter, our beautiful Roses always come back in full vibrant colors.

Our first pink Rose of spring - From a bush that is 12 years old

I have spent a lot of quality time gardening in my adult life, but really I get a lot less pleasure from flowering plants that have to be replaced every season.  I guess you could say that I prefer things that don’t just visit for a short while and then wither up and die. I want to be surrounded by flowers that are here for the long haul!

Our First Yellow Rose of the Season - Oh the Miracles of Spring!

Give me one beautiful bloom on my very own Rose bush and I love it more than an entire bouquet. Don’t get me wrong, I am all smiles when Geoffrey walks in with a bunch of flowers in his hands, but there is just something incredible about a Rose bush that has delighted me for more than a decade! Call me simple perhaps, but it is just who I am!

Where once I loved the thrill of filling my flower beds with different vibrant burst of color for every season, today I guess you could say I am a perennial kind of girl. I enjoy being surrounded by flowers that will manage their own life without needing too much from me. Give them a little water and a bit of plant food now and then, and they just bloom, and bloom and bloom!

Funny, I think when we reach a certain point in life we become more and more like perennials. It is the basic things that sustain us; I think we move away from high maintenance, and we just thrive! Unlike a flower bed filled with annuals that require constant care and attention, we just hang in strong and continue to bloom. Yep – just call me a perennial now, I think I have just reached the point in my life that I have earned it!

The first of the Red blooms and there are six all coming at once in this bed!

Having said that – If I were a perennial, I would insist on being a shocking Red – Keeping it simple does not mean that we have to be boring, right! pkp

There are two ways to live your life, One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein

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