128 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Everyone Should Have Ice Cream After A Hard Workout

Geoff started out his day riding his bicycle along the Sebastian River, but I decided to go for a run and to work out in the gym – I should be on that bicycle and may still ride later if the winds die down.  It is so much more fun riding when you are not fighting a really strong head wind.

I kept my word and did about a quarter mile run – yeah I know it is not far, but I have never been a long distance runner.  Geoff and Kili followed along behind and I think Mr. Parker was pretty impressed by my short run. Of course Mr. Parker is pretty easy to impress! 🙂 This was Kili’s first time to go to the gym with his Mommy and Daddy.  Today we trained at the small local gym here at our condo complex.  There is not a lot of equipment there but they do have a full set of weights, benches, an exercise ball, mats and a treadmill – along with a few other odds and ends.  The weights were really sufficient for the day.

Geoff and I have not worked out for several months together and he was a little surprised at the amount of weight I am using now.  Believe me, it is not all that much but it has increased.  Today we worked on shoulders, arms, chest and back, and did three sets of everything at 15 reps each.  We increased weights with each round so I was pretty much using 10, 12 and 15 pound weights.  I threw in a couple of core exercises and all in all felt pretty good about our little work out.

Geoff is so quiet in the gym – really Geoff is so quiet when he does everything.  I on the other hand make all this noise breathing. I asked Geoff if I am too noisy in the gym – he of course laughed and said it’s ok – just keep working out! I don’t clang my weights – I control them well but I am just noisy breathing and it just seems to help!  Kili looked at me a few times like I must surely be dying, and then he scampered off to check out something else in his new surroundings.  He is a pretty funny little dog.  When he really thought his Mom was doing too much, he came close to watch.  While I was doing shoulders on the incline bench with 15 pound weights in each hand, Kili came over and gave me a little lick on the knee!  Support from Little Kili – it just does not get any better than that!

Kili thought I needed 7 more pounds in my lap as I was doing arms

Geoff does each of his rounds of weights in such a controlled manner, just like everything he does.  Me on the other hand – I kind of speed through each rep as if getting it over faster will hurt less.  I am sure tomorrow my arms and shoulders will be sore – today’s workout with trainer Geoff was a pretty good work out. Geoff is a good trainer and today I got a reward for my hard work out!  Kili got one too even though he only served as a little more weight! The life this dog has – in my next life I want to come back as Little Kili living in the Parker house!  I love my life – I must be the luckiest woman on earth to be spending my days with Geoffrey, Kili and Gracie! Pkp

Everyone should have ice cream after a hard workout!

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