14 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Happy Father’s Day From Parker’s Climb

We started our quiet Sunday morning by ingesting the first of our four Typhoid Vaccines. I still have a diversion to introducing disease cultures into my body but from everything I read this is a necessary precaution when traveling to Tanzania, East Africa. Fortunately, neither Geoffrey or I had any side effects from round one – one down three to go.

So does this cartoon character make me feel any more certain about the typhoid vaccine? Not!

After four doses of Typhoid Vaccine, we only have to take anti-malaria meds once a week for eight weeks, starting one week before we travel and four weeks after we return. Mosquitoes are among the worst of the flying infects in the world. Beyond feeding birds, I have no idea how they fit into the scheme of things.

Today was pretty much a rest day beyond a grocery run for fresh vegetables, one more trip through Target and a trip to Boaters World to pick up sock liners for Geoffrey. I have never seen Boaters World so busy – even at Christmas time! I guess Father’s Day was celebrated at Boaters World for many South Floridians!

We had to park so far away from the store that it could have been considered a Mt. Kilimanjaro practice run! Geoff was totally embarrassed as I did leg lunges in the parking lot on our way back to the car! It is a hard habit to break! Really, I was just showing off! Lunges have become my friend!


I am so happy to see Larri & George have travel stuff covering their kitchen table too! When will it end?

Lulu and I continue to text each other with great finds for the trip! She turned me on to over sized 2.5 gallon Zip Lock Bags which will be incredibly useful in keeping our clothes dry as we climb to higher altitudes. I have read that it is a good idea to take your damp gear with you to the dinner tent at night because it is the warmest place in camp because of the combined body heat and lanterns. Holy cow – that sounds strange to think that this is the warmest place in camp. Perhaps we should just all bunk together in the dinner tent! Geoffrey and I are going to simply freeze. We are the Florida Parker’s – we freeze at 40 degrees – we have not lived in cold weather climates for 15 years!


Somehow animals just know that they are safe in Geoff's hands

Geoff spent the afternoon rescuing a black bird that has fallen out of our big pine tree in the front yard. For the last couple of weeks we have known that there was a nest in the tree. Each time we go out the front door we are dive bombed by an entire family of black birds. It is as if they are trying to create a diversion to keep us away from the nest. Seriously, three or four birds will be swooping at your head at all times. I continually keep my sun glasses on just to ensure no bird gets me in the eyes!

Anyhow, I looked out the window to see Geoffrey with a small bird cupped in his hand. Apparently it fell out of the nest and was near his parking spot. He spent the afternoon feeding the little bird to ensure that it stayed hydrated. The little bird seems quite happy with the attention from Geoff – I promise animals just know that he is a gentle soul – you surely must remember my story about the squirrel who climbed down a tree to pick peanuts out of his shirt pocket.


By 6:00 PM we had two birds on the lawn - I think the second decided the food was better in Parker's kitchen!

The connection to critters – It is truly one of the things I love most about Geoffrey! Yesterday, he picked up a spider that had somehow gotten into the sun room and carefully took it outside. I was quite ready to go right out to step on the little devil (I hate spiders!) but I let it go. We have a mouse living in a down spout (Kili’s find) and I suggested Geoffrey pick up a mouse trap before Mr. Mouse finds a way into the house. Geoffrey did bring a mouse trap home from the store but it has not found its way out of the bag as of yet! Somehow, I doubt it ever does.


My Dad - the tall guy in the center with brother Delton and Sister Carolyn. Dad was in his early 20's.

This Sunday I send my Father Happy Father’s Day wishes – Geoffrey and I were both blessed with Father’s who taught us to be independent, creative and pretty self reliant. It is one of the things we have in common and one of the best attributes we inherited from our Dads. I am so fortunate to still have my Father at the age of 79. Geoffrey lost his Father many years ago at the young age of 56. He was so young but he had a lasting impression on his sons, no doubt.


George Parker II - Proud Father of George, Geoffrey & Greg

What a beautiful Sunday in June with my husband, my bird and my puppy dog. There is no where I would rather be today! I am so blessed and so fortunate and loving every minute of life today! By 6:00 o’clock this evening we have claimed two black birds from the front lawn. Tonight there will be two babies sleeping in the garage! I have already told Geoffrey he has exactly 11 days to raise his young and release them to the wild! We have a mountain to climb! 🙂

Happy Father’s Day to you too Geo III. What an awesome job you have done with your two wonderful kids. Do you know how incredible it will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with young Geo and Maddy? They are having a positive impact on more than five million people world wide by supporting the cure for Parkinson’s disease! We love you guys and we are ready for one of the most important walks of our lives – right beside you buddy! pkp & gkp

The first photo of Dad and Me - October 1958 - Dad was 26 years old!

My Dad today – at 79 years of age, he still works hard every day with his hands running his pallet business. Some Dad’s retire – mine probably never will! He still has the most beautiful blue eyes of any man I know and his smile warms my heart. Just the sound of his voice can calm me beyond belief! I love you Dad! Your Baby Girl! Pk


His smile warms my heart and he has the most beautiful blue eyes! I love you Dad!

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