15 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Cheese Balls – Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Well, believe it or not, I think I have finally pulled together all of my gear for the climb! I have one pair of pants on order for our safari, and a platypus on order and once those arrive I think I am set! The platypus is a pretty nice find – it will hold two liters of water and will fit down in my backpack, and it has a hose that will stick out to make drinking easy!

Geoffrey and I did a Target run yesterday to pick up all the essentials and it is amazing how many things you think you might need! Bug spray, moist toilettes, bandaides, Neosporin, tape for blisters (although no one in our group will get blisters we hope), diarrhea pills, Advil, bottles with screw tops, travel toothpaste, zip lock bags – and the list goes on and on!

I have bought chemical hand warmers and foot warmers – in fact we should have plenty of these to pass around on the trip. I did not realize the hand warmers come in packs of six – we now have sixty! We have powered electrolytes to add to our water and flavored vitamin C to make it taste better. And who could forget that I ordered six cases of Skout Bars, so I am packing 72 Skout Bars for the entire family to eat! Just carrying all the food and drink stuff will require an extra bag! The airlines are likely to make some extra money on the Parker family during the trip over!

Taking care of the feet still remains a top priority – sock liners are key to keeping the feet healthy because you are recommended to wear wool socks. We still have to buy Geoff sock liners and this goes out to the Parker family to make sure they bring these along! Tusker Trail recommends that we carry our hiking boots on the plane to ensure that they arrive with us in the event luggage is lost! Tusker can always pull together climbing clothes, but the boots – no way! Needless to say, these babies are going right into my carry on.

Gracie checking out my hiking boots! Awesome boots - Incredible Parrot!

We have been warned to only wear synthetic materials as we climb since cotton holds in moisture – right down to our underwear! We ordered great travel underwear from Peter Glenn of Vermont. (With a donation to Team Fox by the way!). The advertisement says “Seventeen Countries – Six Weeks – One Pair of Underwear!” We bought more than one each, just incase! (I know this comes as a big relief to George III) 🙂 George – no shower for eight days – just thought I would send that as a reminder!

Kili is checking out the travel gear - This is just my clothes, I hate to admit!

Little Kili knows something major is up! He keeps walking into the bedroom where we have layed out all the travel stuff and he gets a very sad look on his face. He will be okay because brother Greg is coming in from California to take care of Granny, Gracie and Little Kili! We are so grateful to Greg for this gift! Just knowing that he will be standing in for us to watch over Mom and our pets is the greatest relief we could imagine! I can truly get on a plane just knowing this is taken care of! I love you Greg!

Greg in Bar Harbor 2010 - After the Parker's Climb Mt. Katahdin Summit!

On our last climb with George and Lulu (Mt. Monadnock) in April we got a taste of knowing how it feels if someone gets off the trail. Lulu jumped out ahead of us and started down at lightning speed. All of a sudden we realized that Lulu could not connect with us in the direction she headed. George let out the Parker “ooohhheee” and soon after we heard a faint little “ooohhheee” coming from Lulu! We rescued her just in the knick of time! Well, this event has stuck in Geoff’s mind since that frightful day in April, so he came up with a great solution yesterday while we were shopping for snacks for the trip! Lulu – see if you think this solution will work to keep you on trail! 🙂 Gotta love that Geoff for his creative skills!

Geoff will drop a cheese ball every few steps to keep Lulu on trail!

Lulu (our Larri) On trail as we climbed Mt. Greylock October 2010

So Lulu and I are texting up a storm with reminders for the trip. Surely what I forget, she will remember and vice-versa! We have both come to the conclusion that we can spend money like it is water these days, but this too shall end! Soon! After all, we are down to thirteen days before jumping on that plane headed for Tanzania. We ran out for sock liners for Geoffrey today and came home with a new camera…still need to pick up those sock liners! I read a line yesterday that rings so true as you prepare for a trip like this.

“A trip of a thousand miles begins with a cash advance!”

George during our April visit - I hope you still look this calm & relaxed Geo!



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