153 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – January’s Old Wives Tales

Well here it is, the last day of January 2011 and I am still feeling like the month just started. We just finished the holidays didn’t we?  (I promise I saw a neighbors Christmas wreath out for the trash yesterday and thought nothing of it!) and now it is almost February! What happened to January?

Where does the time go? Is it just me, or did this month just fly by? For some reason I feel as if I am stuck in a time warp or something! If I think back on the month of January there is nothing profound that even stands out! What have I been doing for the past month?

When we were kids the older folks (I guess I am one of them now) kept saying; “the older you get, the faster time passes.” Were they right? Could they have been telling us the truth?  I thought all these years that this was just one of those old wives tales! If I am starting to believe this silly notion, does that mean that I am now an old wife too? Oh surely not!  Could it be that time seems to move faster because we just remember less? I Yi, Yi…a sign of aging? Oh surely not!

This is us in Florida - Day after Day - Day After Day!

I think when you live in Florida you become accustomed to the same thing happening day after day! You remember the movie “Groundhog Day”? That movie pretty much explains our days here in Florida. When pretty of much the rest of the entire continental US wakes up to snow and sleet and ice this time of the year – we just wake up to the same thing over and over!  Living outside of Florida, you plan your days around the weather so to speak. Here in Florida we just wake up to another sunny day, another day with a breeze blowing, another day pretty much like the one before! Sometimes it gets a little boring!  This could certainly be why I get really excited when it turns cold here!

I could best sum up the month of January as pretty uneventful!  Sometimes I just think a little change of scenery would bring some excitement to our lives! I should be thankful that it has been an uneventful month right?   It does not take much to realize that we do have a pretty good life here you know – I really should be thankful that it is still warm enough for me to be wearing shorts and flip flops!  Yes, in January wearing flip flops does certainly beat winter boots!  (I hope this does not create hate-mail from those of you who are buried deep in snow!)

This is much of the US now - It does look romantic but I think we will pass!

Yeah – after taking a look at the photos of the January snows that are reeking havoc in your lives – and hearing what many of you are going through with the challenges of winter,  I think we are really good here…maybe nothing really exciting has to happen for it to be really exciting! Maybe the month was great because nothing did happen!

Geoffrey continues to do well!  He has been playing a lot of golf and still shooting in the low 80’s! We are continuing to train – him a little more than me because I have been in the office a lot for the past few weeks.   We have new readers to our website and new donations that have come into Parker’s Climb this month!  Thanks to those of you who shared our site with friends!  I have gotten a few new emails showing friends forwarding the Parker’s Climb link (Thanks Diane!).  All it takes is one friend sharing with one friend!

January comes to an end and all is well with the Parker’s.  Sister Larri had a birthday this month and a great surprise party – (wish we could have been there) but had we gone we might still be trying to fly home due to all the snow in Boston! 🙂  Yikes! Last I heard – George cannot even get the pets to go outside!

I guess January was a good month for us after all – Yep – nothing to exciting to write home about but a good month. One month down for 2011- And I hope the time will slow down a little now- but somehow I doubt that happens! I must research the old wives tales to learn more about time moving faster!  There must be more to this theory!

In the end, all is well with the Parker’s and our little family of four – I believe that is my story and I am sticking with it! pkp

Yeah - this does not make for an exciting month either! Think we will stay where we are for now!

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