156 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Little Kili Gets First Formal Dinner Invitation

Little Kili has made quite the impression on our friends.  Yes, in just one month, he has become the center of attraction for Geoffrey and me.  This little five-year old rescue pup, who just one month ago was not getting enough to eat, suffering poor health from a mouth filled with infection, and lacking in basic care to keep him healthy, has now graduated to living a charmed life.

Earlier in the week, Kili received a wonderful invitation from Lulu, the other charmed pet belonging to our friends Russ and Debora.  The invitation arrived via email and brought a lot of laughs and anticipation to our weekend plans.

Hi Kili! Can't wait to see you tomorrow for dinner! My lil' pal Ashton drops plenty of food on the floor so come hungry! XOXO - Lulu

Kili was on his best behavior when arriving at Lulu’s house.  He settled in quickly giving kisses to Harrison, Gillian and Ashton while making sure to make a good impression on Lulu.  Lulu was not quite as enamored with Kili but once her initial protests ceased, she allowed Kili to help himself to her bowl of food.  Geoffrey’s nickname really fits Kili well; and this bold action on Kili’s part just reinforced “the stomach with legs” name.

Dinner was amazing!  Debora must have started cooking on Tuesday to be ready for Friday night.  It would take me days to prepare this wonderful, authentic Italian feast.  Appetizers were wonderful with the highlight and my favorite being brie, baked in a puff pastry that had been laced with cinnamon, sugar and nuts.  Oh my stars – it went perfectly with fresh cut pears and a glass of red wine.

It was so great to spend time getting to know the kids.  I had met Harrison and Gillian in the office but spending time with them in their own environment was quite special.  Gillian could not wait to show me her room and little Ashton followed suit once his big sister whisk me into her domain.

I am convinced that Gillian is going to grow up to be a news reporter or an attorney.  She is very skilled in asking questions, waiting for an answer, and then digging deeper into the subject if more information is needed to satisfy her curiosity.  She is a delightful young girl who loves the color green and whose eyes dance when her daddy addresses her.  I had the distinct pleasure of becoming Gillian’s “Aunt Pam” on this evening, a role that I will treasure!

Harrison too is a wonderful young man and big brother to Gillian and Ashton.  You can just tell how much he admires his siblings. I learned Harrison has become interested in music and already plays the trumpet and guitar.  I could see him really taking his love for music quite seriously as there seems to be a passion there.  Harrison carries on a conversation as if he is 23, not 13 so I am sure he is going to be successful in whatever he sets his sights on.

Ashton, not quite three, is already developing his own little individual personality.  He has two strong siblings that are smart and inquisitive, and both quite the positive influence on their little brother. Ashton sits in a great position as the youngest little family member- wonderful parents and doting brother and sister!  Little Ashton will learn all the tricks and turn them into treasures!  Just wait and see!

Eggplant Rollitini on a nest of angel hair pasta - Sprinkled with toasted breadcrumbs

Dinner was just awesome!  Debora served homemade eggplant rollatini, over a nest of angle hair pasta, with a tomato sauce that was to die for, and topped with toasted bread crumbs. It was out of this world! For dessert she made the homemade creme puffs, flavored with a touch of almond and chilled to perfection. Having traveled to Italy on numerous occasions, I do not remember a better Italian meal and the Italians cannot touch these creme puffs!  And – it gets even better, our gracious hostess even sent us home with a bag of leftovers so we could enjoy this all over again.  And we will!

There is nothing like spending time with friends!  Especially those that remind us of the importance of family.  For Geoffrey and I, it is so foreign to imagine what it would be like having a house filled with three delightful kids.  Russ and Debora are raising theirs in a way that is special and filled with love. Theirs is as close to the perfect atmosphere for kids to be raised in that I can ever imagine.  Well done my good friends!

So at the end of the evening, Lulu began to yawn and Kili crawled up on my lap and gave me that look of; I really am ready for my little bed now Mom! It was a wonderful night with friends – and Kili has officially been welcomed into the flock.

Russ with Kili and Lulu - Our Charmed Pets!

Life is good – Actually life is great tonight – especially when friends feel like your favorite pair of jeans – the ones that you know you will never replace – the ones that will last a lifetime!

PS – Debora I am going to beg for the recipes for your dinner – it was incredible! xoxoxo!

Pam – Geoff – Kili

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