159 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Translate Parker’s Climb To Your Language Now

Hola! Gutentag! Shalom! Ciao! Ni Hao! Tonight I am proud to announce that Parker’s Climb, Mt. Kilimanjaro Expedition For Parkinson’s Disease Research can now be read in forty-eight different languages with the touch of our Language Translator located on our website homepage. With a simple touch of your nations flag on our website homepage, the content is automatically translated to your language in seconds!

This exciting technology comes to Parker’s Climb from our website designer and good friend, Russell Ackner! Russ is so in tune with our Mt. Kilimanjaro fundraiser and the talent he possesses brought my dream of an effective fundraising communication tool, to a beautiful, forward thinking fundraising machine! From the minute I asked Russ for help in designing our website back in June of 2010, he took ownership and the idea became a reality. On day one, Russ became an important member of the Parker’s Climb team whose valuable contribution cannot be measured! (Now, If I could just talk Russ into climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with us!) 🙂

From day one, I had dreams of a website that would help us spread the word about Parkinson’s disease to people all over the world. Our Mt. Kilimanjaro climb was devised to touch lives, to educate those who know little about Parkinson’s disease, to inspire others to stay active to slow the progression of this disease, and to raise donations for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. We have met several of our goals over the past seven months, and tonight with the ability to translate our website to all of these languages, we have reached another milestone.

Early on, the Parker’s Climb website and our story of hope was read by viewers in seven different countries. Tonight, I have learned that we have now been read in Tanzania, East Africa, bringing our total to eight unique countries.

We are sharing a bit of humor and showing the real lives of a little family dealing with the effects Parkinson’s disease. We have invited you into our home and into our lives on great days, good days and even some bad days. Parker’s Climb is but a small entity with a big dream of touching lives, inspiring others, and raising donations for Team Fox for the cure. Our humble messages on Parkinson’s disease have reached those in the USA, Canada, Israel, Italy, Hong Kong, India, United Kingdom; and now Tanzania, East Africa.

I have yet another dream – and that dream is for every person outside of the US who is reading our story to share our Parker’s Climb Fundraiser with friends who may have had a challenge reading us in English. Encourage them so they can join us on our quest to educate and to raise funds to cure this disease. If every person shares with just a few friends who share with a few friends; we will reach our goal and we will help The Fox Foundation reach their goal. But we need your help!

Mt. Kilimanjaro - The Roof of Africa - Parker's Climb Expedition For The cure

In 159 days, six members of the Parker family will start our 7 day climb, and 2 day descent on the 4th highest mountain on earth. It will be the most difficult physical challenge that I have ever faced, but climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro will pale in comparison to the day that Geoffrey was diagnosed with this mysterious disease that is trying to steal his independence.

Join us by sharing Parker’s Climb – we have now reached eight countries – we need more – we need thousands of people joining our Expedition for Parkinson’s Research and our fundraiser for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. If you have not shared our website with your friends and family lately – send reminders! Parker’s Climb can now be read in over 48 languages! We have a mountain to climb – We have a long way to go to reach our fundraising goal – We have a disease to cure! I have a dream and I will go to the ends of the earth to achieve it!

*Happy Birthday to Larri Tonelli Parker – One of the great team members of Parker’s Climb and my beautiful sister in law! Love you Darling! pkp

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