161 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Sebastian Riverfront Fine Art & Music Festival

Sunday morning in Sebastian blew in with temperatures down to 37 degrees!  Whew, when Lil Kili woke me up at 6:45 to go outside I thought I would freeze to death.  The winds were still blowing from the northeast at a good 35 to 45 knots and all I could think about was running back up the stairs to my warm bed!  And that is just what I did with Kili right on my heels!!

The day actually turned out to be quite nice with a high of around 62 degrees. Still a little on the cold side for us Floridians but tolerable. Geoff started his morning on the tennis court with Jack.  It was still very cold and windy but the two sporting dudes could not pass up an opportunity to hit some balls.  When I asked Geoff how he played he said  “Jack and I played like a couple of lazy old tennis players today!”

Geoffrey was a lot less lazy than his wife – that is all I can say.  My greatest exercise for the day was running up and down the stairs with Kili!  Yes, we take the stairs when we go out – all thirty five of them going down – and all 35 of them going up! Truly – we must have done well over 700 stairs on Sunday alone!  We could take the elevator, but that would not do a thing for my thighs now would it!!

Kili and Me - At the Sebastian Art & Music Festival

After lunch we put Kili’s sweater on him and decided to take a ride down to the Sebastian Riverfront Fine Arts & Music Festival.  This wonderful event happens every January in the park right on the waterfront.  People come from all over with their arts and crafts and for two days the park is transformed into the social gathering of the winter season.  This year there were some great artist – a great band and lots and lots of nice people!!

Kili did not meet a stranger at the festival.  He took a comfortable place on my arm for most of the afternoon because he is just too small to be walking in a crowd.  Too many big feet to step on my little guy!  He was quite the hit  with people coming up to pet him and admire him in his fancy little sweater.  I knew the black and white sweater with red trim would be a hit!

The food vendors and area where the band played

We learned early on that Lil Kili has no fear of other dogs.  No matter what size they are, he just runs right up and gets right in their face.  I guess the big dogs are not too intimidated by our little guy – none seemed aggressive towards him at all.  I think he was really trying to show some muscle a couple of times; but think about it, just how mean does one little Yorki look wearing a houndstooth sweater?? He is so much fun – driving around in our red, antique Mercedes with our little dog hanging out the window – I can think of no better way to spend the afternoon!

The Band Playing Down On The River - What A Great Day in Sebastian!

Maybe it is the breeze blowing from the ocean and across the Indian River that gives you energy; maybe it is just being in a place where the beauty never ends; maybe it is just spending the day strolling through the park holding Geoffrey’s hand. It was just maybe one of the best Sunday’s I can remember.  But then again, every weekend in Sebastian with Geoffrey is a great day. 🙂

You really should come join us down on the river one weekend. We have a couple of extra beds, plenty of good food, lots of nice people, and all the sporting you can imagine. See you in Sebastian! pkp

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