162 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – On The River, Just Another Day In Paradise

On the River, Just Another Day In Paradise

A beautiful, but chilly day in Sebastian for the Parker family!  Geoffrey started out early bike riding with Jack and Elizabeth as I took Lil Kili to see Dr. Thorton to make sure he has recovered from his infection.  All good news from the great Dr. Thorton.  Kili has climbed his mountain back to good health and should be good to go!  Our little rescue pup is now weighing in at 7 pounds – he has now gained two pounds from when we rescued him and he is at his ideal weight.  All of our love and care has returned Lil Kili to peak condition and finally he is ready to have his first appointment with the groomer for a bath and a haircut!

Lil Kili after his first trip to the doggy spa! Can you say "adorable?"

After riding 8.5 miles against 35 to 40 knot head winds Geoffrey, Jack and Elizabeth stopped by our place to pick me up!  I dressed for 60 degree temps, pumped up the bicycle tires and we loaded the bikes up and headed to Little Hollywood for a ride.  We rode another 8.5 miles against strong winds taking Geoffrey, Jack and Elizabeth to 18.5 miles and me to 8.5 miles.  It was a great ride!  As usual, Geoffrey set himself at a constant pace and led the pack for the entire 8.5 miles.

I have no idea how he does it – he just gets into this groove and goes.  He did the same thing when we climbed Mt. Katahdin and Mt. Greylock – somehow he just finds his pace and goes.  While I am peddling against the wind, shifting gears up and down to adjust for the winds, Geoff just goes.  I have never seen anything like it in my life.  I am so proud of my husband – there is not a day in our lives that I am not inspired by his strong will to keep moving at his pace – not the pace this disease tries to set – at his pace.

The temperatures started dropping in the afternoon with lows set to dive into the mid-30’s overnight which meant we had to turn on heat (something we rarely have to do in Florida) before heading out to dinner with Jack, Elizabeth and Bruce who is visiting from Connecticut. Bruce and Jack grew up together and he also lived in Sun Valley, Idaho when Geoffrey was living there.  He is a very interesting guy and it was nice to get to know him over dinner.

Lil Kili had to wear his little sweater when going out last night.  Can you say “adorable?”  I am not sure who is the most adorable, Geoffrey or Lil Kili!  Gracie still cannot accept Kili in his little houndstooth sweater.  She freaks out and screams loudly as he prances around in his little sweater.  She is probably laughing wildly at him in reality!

My Boys - Geoffrey & Kili - Ready to brave the cold!

Just another great day in Sebastian with my little family!  Tomorrow we are off to the Sebastian Street Fair – after Geoff plays tennis in the morning!  He just never stops sporting!  Gotta love it! pkp

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