190 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Merry Christmas From Parker’s Climb

Merry Christmas from Parker’s Climb.  Here is a look at some of my favorite things of the season this year!  We are so blessed in our lives – I wish there could be a way to just bottle the joy and peace I felt on Christmas!  When you recognize that all that really matters is the love of family, and friends, and the celebration of the birth of Christ, what more could we ask for?  Merry Christmas from Geoff & Pam

A Beautiful Menorah For The Festival of Lights - Hanukkah Celebration

We celebrated Hanukkah with friends and it gave a greater meaning to the season!

Beautiful Christmas Flowers sent by my boss - Another holiday tradition!

My boss sends beautiful flowers each year – It just would not be Christmas without them – and this year they are just stunning!  Thanks Steve!  Your gift each year is welcomed and it brings joy!

What a joy to  be able to represent Hale Groves of Sebastian Florida.  Fresh Florida Citrus through Parker’s Climb allowed us to raise funds through the sale Indian River Fruit that will be sent to Team Fox for research and a cure!  Thanks Hale Groves for being a part of Parker’s Climb and the Michael J. Fox Foundation!  It is from generous donations that one day we will get our cure!

Our First Photos of Pompano Beach - A Christmas Village

This is where I got my start of Pompano Beach – A Christmas Village!  The hard work from my creative neighbors on 3rd Terrace was the source of inspiration for the sharing of Christmas photos.  It is exciting to know that their beautiful Christmas lights have been viewed by people in seven countries! Pompano Beach – A Christmas Village – 2010

As Predicted - This Palm Tree still remains the most beautiful of the season!

And just as I predicted, this palm tree would remain my favorite of the season.  Geoff and I took a walk after dark on Christmas night to see the treasured lights one more time!  We stood and admired this one for a very long time!  I will think of this one often – and await it’s return next Christmas!

On 209 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro, we had a drastic winter blast of cold air in south Florida!  As I was leaving for the gym that morning at 6:30 am, the temperature was 49 degrees.  I know you laugh if you are in the path of the winter nor-easter that is predicted to hit the east coast – for us in Florida anything below about 60 degrees is tough to take!   Geoffrey surprised me with our own display of Christmas lights on this day!  While I knew we would not win the prize for best decorated, he won the prize once again as “Best Husband!”

The Magic of Christmas at the Parker's - It is All I Need!!
OliveNation A true Taste of Italy

Approval to sell OliveNation – A True Taste of Italy, provided yet another way to raise funds for Team Fox through Parker’s Climb.  By sharing things that Geoffrey and I both love, and being able to donate 100% of the proceeds to the Fox Foundation just makes the season more festive, and the giving more special!  Thanks to those of you who ordered!!  Fear not- You will have plenty of time to order through OliveNation this year!!

One of our most enjoyable dinners in December was

Tagliatelle with Morel Sauce.  My ingredients from OliveNation arrived that day and it was a fabulous dinner!  Thanks OliveNation!

Geoffrey with a Gift from Bob for Gracie!!

On Christmas day, Bob, Geoffrey’s golf buddy and long time friend arrived bearing gifts!  Even Gracie received a gift from Bob this year!  Bob brought a bird statue carved from beautiful African black Iron Wood.  It was a special gift as Iron Wood grows in Africa and the carvings are done by hand there. Geoffrey and I saw our first Iron Wood carvings when we were in South Africa on our honeymoon back in 2004 – Bob is an honorary member of the Parker family – we love him and we have been celebrating holidays with Bob now for more than ten years!

Geoffrey with his Iron Wood Carving from Bob and our won Gracie - Our Green Cheek Conure!

This Christmas marked the tenth Christmas that we have celebrated with our beautiful Green Cheek Conure, Gracie.  We all purchase gifts for Gracie for Christmas – Dad and Mom always send gifts to hang in Gracie’s Cage.  Geoffrey and I always buy her a new toy and a big bag of Millet – which she enjoys for months to come!

Bob checking out my Christmas Present from Geoffrey! Wow am I lucky!

Bob’s exact words when he saw my Christmas present from Geoffrey were, “Do you know how lucky you are to have a husband who knows how to buy the best golf clubs for his wife?”  And I could not agree more!  My Christmas surprise was a set of three new Callaway Woods.  I have been using Geoffrey’s driver and fairway woods lately when we play golf, and I had just fallen in love with his Callaway driver! Now I have my very own ladies Calaway driver, a 3-Wood and a 7-Wood to use for those long fairway shots.  I was so excited I said, “Christmas dinner is going to be delayed this year, I need to go try out my new golf clubs!”

And we are blessed to have Mom with us for the holiday and everyday!

It has been a challenging year for Mom with her health!  She is now doing quite well with the addition of a pacemaker to control the speed of her heart.  Rather than be beating somewhere in the 135 range as if she is jogging, she will be at a constant rate in the mid-70’s!  That should do it!

The Bar Harbor, Maine Moose - I have Saved This Image Since August!!

This Moose stands on the top of a building in Bar Harbor Maine, and it shines brightly every night. I took the photo when the Parker Family traveled to Maine in August.  Maine is where we did our first Parker’s Climb for Team Fox.  This is where I climbed my first mountain when we traveled to Millinocket, Maine to climb Mt. Katahdin.  This was the only Moose we saw during our Maine trip, and I have been saving him for months to use in a post!  It was a wonderful family event with George III, Larri, George IV, Madeleine and Greg – Geoffrey and I are so blessed to have the support of the Parker Family!

2011 will bring other mountains to the Parker’s Climb Family for our Team Fox Mt. Kilimanjaro Expedition!  On this day of miracles – we pray for a cure for Parkinson’s disease!  May God bless us all and keep us all safe.  Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays From Parker's Climb

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