193 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Scottish Scientist Announce Brain Disease Breakthrough

It is already Wednesday night, just three days before Christmas and I am feeling a bit unorganized, and just a little OVERWHELMED! Is it just me? There are about twenty things I should be doing and not a one of them are done!  I have two Parker’s Climb posts that are in draft format and not posted for Monday and Tuesday – that is just not like me – and believe me if my post are not up I do not sleep well!

Do you sometimes look at the clock and just wonder where all the hours go? I am still kicking myself for sleeping through the first full lunar eclipse of the moon occurring on the winter solstice since 1628, and that was two days ago!   Seriously!  I asked Geoff how we could have let this event go by without setting the clock to get up and take it all in! Surprisingly enough, he did not seem to be sweating over this one and he is really into this stuff!

One of us has our priorities totally out of whack, and I am betting it is not Geoffrey! But really… Think about it- we are not going to experience this one again in our lifetime! I mentioned the turmoil I am feeling over missing the eclipse to a co- worker today and she cracked up laughing! Her response was “Find a good website and look at the pictures!”  And I did!  The best as usual comes from National Geographic – And if there is anyone out there sweating over the same thing then I am solving your dilemma! I have done your work and all you have to do is click on the link! The photos are here for you to enjoy and I will give credit where credit is due –  The photographs are by Daniel Roland, AP, and they are amazing!  Thank you Daniel for coming to my rescue!  I am glad to see that one of us did not sleep through this amazing and awesome event!

I started the morning at 6:00 am (my normal start time of the day) doing what I do every morning! I get up, fix coffee, and start scanning news articles related to Parkinson’s disease research that came in overnight while I was sleeping.  Believe it or not, there are articles coming in most every night from somewhere in the world.  Tonight I am posting a print of what I thought sounded pretty relevant.  It comes to us from Scotland, from the University of Edinburgh.  In my limited capacity to judge the importance of medical breakthrough’s I have to tell you – this one sounds pretty exciting!

Scottish Scientists announce Brain Disease Breakthrough

December 21, 2010

Written by:  Amy Sanders

It appears that Scottish scientists from the Edinburgh University and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Hinxton , Cambridgeshire have discovered a collection of 1461 proteins gathered in the human brain. These proteins account for more than 130 brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, autism, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsies and other neurodegenerative disorders.

This major discovery is a breakthrough in the treatment of all these diseases making a drug treatment for them appear like a viable variant.

Researching on the human brain is no easy job as the brain is the most complex of the human organs. It has millions of nerve cells linked together by synapses. The postsynaptic density, or in short the PSD, represents a bundle of molecules. The team of Scottish researchers studied the synapses taken from people who had suffered brain surgery. They found the 1461 proteins which were all active inside the connection points. Previous studies made on animal suggested the fact that PSD is an important factor in brain diseases but nothing was sure until now.

Professor Seth Grant, leader of the team said that they discovered that 130 brain diseases are linked to the PSD which is much more than expected. Human PSD appears to be at center stage of a large number of human diseases. These diseases affect millions of people all over the world so this discovery could represent one of the most important findings as far as the treatment for these diseases is concerned.

You may see the article on this link:  World News Heard Now


I say this with the utmost of seriousness – While I am lying my head down at night to go to sleep, I end my day by saying my prayers.  Geoffrey is sleeping soundly next to me and the last few thoughts and words of my day go to God.  Every night I ask God to be with the scientist who are studying the brain and looking for the clues to find our cure for PD.  I ask him to give them the knowledge and the tools to find the silver bullet to unlock the mysteries of the brain.  This is a part of my prayer every night, and last night a prayer was answered. pkp


And I leave you with this because after all, it is a season of miracles – another look at Pompano Beach

A Christmas Village  – December 22, 2010

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