218 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Dog Bone Brownie & North Wind Blowin In Sebastian

We awoke to a sunny Saturday in Sebastian with temperatures in the mid-70’s this morning. It was a balmy warm morning with thick salty air and a pretty strong head wind blowing during our bicycle ride along Indian River Drive. This was the first day on the bicycles since late September so it was a bit of work.  Wow, where does time go?  This is our first weekend in Sebastian since September and  it is the end of November.  I tried to recall why we had not been here in two months, then I remembered that we did spend a few days in the Berkshires in September when we climbed Mt. Greylock. 

The snow birds have once again arrived in Sebastian and we welcome them back to their winter haven.  It is good for our little town of Sebastian to have our winter visitors back.  Our little town of Sebastian, along the eastern coast of Florida really goes to near hibernation in the summer months when it is void of tourist.  The “townies” as  the locals are called, only total around 22,000 or so in the summer months.  Each summer they go from extremely busy in tourist season. to almost  total sleepy-boredom during the off season.  Several businesses are boarded up for the summer months due to the fact that it would cost them more to keep the doors open in slow season.  Around the first of October the snowbirds start arriving, and when the town swells to around 80,000 with winter visitors, the “townies” all go back into fast gear.  Sebastian is once again is a vibrant thriving city full of life.

Geoffrey and I treated ourselves to lunch at The Yellow Dog this afternoon.  It was a toss up as to whether to reserve this treat for dinner or to splurge and go there for lunch. With the choice of Thanksgiving leftovers or The Yellow Dog, we  decided a Good Old Dog was in order for lunch.  The Good Old Dog happens to be one of the best burgers along the Treasure Coast.  It is served on a fresh focaccia  bun and I cannot begin to describe how good this burger taste.  Then we really went wild  and ordered the Dog Bone Brownie for desert.   It is an amazing chocolate glazed, dog bone shape brownie that is warmed  and lying on a plate laced with a decadent sweet sauce. It is garnished with fresh whipped cream, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped off with the traditional Yellow Dog cookie.  Ok, I know what you are thinking – “and these two are in training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro?” 

Dog Bone Brownie - From The Yellow Dog

As I was totally prepared to hunker down for an afternoon nap after my burger and dog bone brownie, Geoff decided we needed to go walk on the beach. Every brownie has its price right? I tried to persuade him to give me just 30 minutes to nap, but he  was set  on getting that walk in on the beach!  As usual, I gave in and we jumped into our little antique, candy apple red Mercedes and headed to Orchard Island Beach.  When we arrived at the beach the north wind had really picked up.  I would guess the winds were blowing near 40 miles an hour and the temperature dropped significantly.  We had the entire beach all to ourselves with the exception of one guy who was fishing.  After 1.27 miles we called it a day.  Buuuurrrrr!  A chilly walk on the beach – but still a wonderful walk on the beach with my guy!

I hope you are continuing to enjoy your holiday weekend. There are just so few weekends that are made for relaxing, at least for those of us who are not out shopping until we drop – and believe me, that is not one of my vices! Geoffrey and I are just happy to be in our little home away from home on the Sebastian River.  The  north wind is blowing and the temperature is going to drop down to around 58 degreees tonight.  We will be pulling out the extra blanket tonight and loving every second of it!

Happy Saturday – We are now going to dig into those Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner!

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