219 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Meet Larri Tonelli Parker

Tonight’s post is a reprint of an article written by Attorney Larri Tonelli Parker that appeared on her professional website at Parker Mediation. Larri is not only a well respected attorney and family mediator, she is a tremendous mother, wife, and sister.

Larri’s enthusiasm since joining Parker’s Climb to help raise awareness and funding for Parkinson’s disease can be quite contagious and extremely motivational. Geoffrey and I are so excited that she is a part of the team and I know she will play a huge role in getting the entire Parker Family up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

Larri has this zest for life and adventure, and she can always find that ray of sunshine even on a cloudy day! Believe me, I know this from firsthand experience.  Having Larri as my sister-in-law is just another one of the perks of being  in the Parker family.  I did not know when I married Geoffrey that I was also gaining a sister, and I am glad I did! When you take on the huge responsibility of launching a fundraising event, there are days that you can hit the wall.  Sharing this experience and having Larri’s support is so helpful and special.  But that is what sisters do, right!   We love you Larri! Pam & Geoff

More about Worcester Mediator, Attorney Larri Parker:
Worcester family and divorce mediator, Attorney Larri Tonelli Parker is an experienced Massachusetts family law and divorce mediator. She is an active member of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, the New England Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution, and several bar associations. She is licensed to practice law in Florida, Maine and Massachusetts.

Larri grew up in Massachusetts, went to college in Colorado, learned to speak fluent Spanish in Madrid, Spain and completed Law School at New England Law| Boston. Larri formally established Parker Mediation in 2000.

Parker Mediation provides professional mediation services and guidance to people navigating their way through legal disputes and court systems. Parker Mediation is a court approved program, sanctioned by the Massachusetts Probate & Family Court and the Massachusetts Juvenile Court.


Larri Tonelli Parker joins Parker’s Climb to raise awareness for Parkinson’s research:  ParkersClimb.com                                                                                    

November 24, 2010  By Massachusetts Mediation

Today, as I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, I am thankful for family and the traditions that are celebrated during the holiday season.  In addition, I am thankful for my health and plan to jump start my fitness program right after turkey day. 

I want to be ready for an upcoming Parker family tradition of adventure.  After celebrating with an abundance of food, family and friends, I will prepare for my ascent to the ceiling of Africa.  I have a passion for travel and this adventure promises to entertain.
We Parkers will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease.   I have always enjoyed hiking outdoors, particularly to refresh my own soul.   Now I climb to help others, to raise money for research, and to find a cure for Parkinson’s.   In the last months, our band of Parkers and friends has climbed Mt. Mansfield in Vermont, Mt. Katahdin in Maine, and Mt. Greylock in Massachusetts.   We are making new friends with each step and raising money along the way.

Kilimanjaro will be a challenging climb, soaring just less than 20,000 feet, it is a formidable Monadnock in the plains of Africa.  I did a fair amount of hiking and skiing in the Rocky Mountains and recall a few times when altitude sickness caused me a bit of discomfort.  However, I am confident that I will be prepared by next summer. 
This trip promises to be a transformative experience over some of the most epic landscape on the planet.

My family teases me about training for the assault on the highest peak of Africa.  Many Parker family members have already started rigorous training schedules.  My sister-in-law is doing power workouts at the gym with her husband and a personal trainer.  My husband is averaging 50 miles a week on the treadmill.  My daughter is a cross-country runner and my son is in great shape.   
So far, I take yoga classes and walks, some shorter than others.   

There is plenty of time to prepare for this trip.  However, on ParkersClimb.com  there is a countdown of “days until the mountain” and that number keeps shrinking.  When you check out the post, you will see a number that keeps growing, charitable contributions to Team Fox, the beneficiary of one hundred percent of all donations.

I look forward to my workouts and will start soon, right after I finish my deep fried turkey, cranberry sauce and cheesecake.   I guess that is why they call it Black Friday!

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