221 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Honor Those Who Have Suffered With Parkinson’s

Today, when many are traveling to meet up with friends and family, and others are baking pies and starting to prepare a Thanksgiving feast, one friend of mine has spent the day much differently.

Kay Mixson-Jenkins, author of Who Is Pee Dee?, is in a hospital having her second Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. You may remember my earlier post on Kay, and the introduction to Pee Dee, (258 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro, October 18, 2010), along with the amazing  book she created to help young children understand what Parkinson’s disease does to parents and grandparents when they are stricken with Parkinson’s disease.

Kay suffers with early-onset Parkinson’s disease.  She was diagnosed at age 34 and like many early-onset patients, the disease hit her hard.  Kay shared a video of herself prior to having her first Deep Brain Stimulation surgery this past April.  I sat watching with tears rolling down my face because this beautiful, rambunctious, lady could not sit still or stop the involuntary movement of her body.

Kay’s greatest wish when she had her first surgery was to dance with her husband Marty after her surgery, and she was able to do this because the first surgery slowed her movement significantly.  She knew all along that she would undergo the second surgery, on the other side of her brain to lessen the impact of PD to a much greater degree.  And today is the day – by the time you read this, Kay’s surgery will have been done, and she will have even greater peace from the cast of characters who she so gracefully introduced us to in her book.

Today, I honor Kay for her bravery and her fighting spirit.  I honor her because she has turned PD into an opportunity to council others, she has become an outspoken advocate to help raise awareness and to find a cure for this disease.

Kay Mixson Jenkins - Wife - Mother - Author Who Is Pee Dee?

If all goes well, and I am sure it will, Kay will be released tomorrow on Thanksgiving.  She will be home in time to have dinner with her husband and her young son.  She will sit at the dinner table and will give thanks to God for a successful surgery that will give her back the freedom to move on her own free will.  Kay, like others will not be cured of Parkinson’s disease, but she will be blessed with a stillness that she has not totally known for a very long time.  Butterfly hugs to you Kay!  It is done and on this Thanksgiving Day you begin a new chapter!  xoxoxo pkp


Honor Those Who Have Suffered with Parkinson’s

The American Parkinson’s Disease Association has placed a wall for signatures to honor those living with Parkinson’s disease.  It appears on web page for The Hunger Site.  The Hunger Site was founded to focus the power of the Internet on a specific humanitarian need; the eradication of world hunger.  Since its launch in 1999, more than 220,000 individuals from around the world have visited the sight on a daily basis.

The Hunger Site and shoppers at the Hunger Sight have given more than 671 million cups of food.  Funds are split between organizations who bring aid to hungry people in over 74 countries.  The sight has expanded to raise awareness for many other causes through the Internet, like the Honor Those With Parkinson’s wall.  They are doing awesome work across the world and what a better time as we celebrate Thanksgiving to make a contribution to help feed the hungry.

Please follow the link to the page and sign up to honor those living with PD.  The goal is to get 30,000 signatures on the Parkinson’s disease wall.  They are well on their way but your signature is an important statement.   You do not have to give a donation – you just give a moment of time to recognize and honor those with PD.

Honor Those Who Have Suffered with Parkinson’s

Sponsored by: American Parkinson Disease Association

Sign the Wall of Remembrance to celebrate the life of someone you love who suffered this debilitating disease.

Parkinson’s disease threatens the health of millions of Americans. Right now, there is no cure for this debilitating disease, which will claim 135 victims today! In the next 10 minutes, someone new will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. We are all at risk because this disease is completely random in choosing its victims and unpredictable in how it strikes.

Click Here to Sign the Wall of Remembrance to celebrate the life of someone you love who suffered this debilitating disease.


Geoffrey and I have so many things to be thankful for this year.  Among our most precious of gifts is all of you, who are reading our post and spreading the word that we have a disease to conquer.  By joining us on our journey, you are making a difference in the lives of more than 5 million people world wide.  May God Bless you on this Thanksgiving Day and may you savor every moment that you spend with your friends and family.

Much Love,

Pam & Geoff

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