246 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – The Best Halloween Costumes

Halloween has long been one of my favorite holidays.  Maybe it is because some of my best memories are from trick or treating as a kid.  We used to dress up and come home with probably 10 pounds of candy. Those were the days when we had few worries!  For those of you who have yet to decide how to dress your pet for Halloween, or better yet, you have not selected your own costume… here are a few last minute ideas.  I wish I could take the credit for coming up with this idea  The photos were sent to me by a good friend!

I really thought I would only use a few of these photos but I just could not stop!

This one is amazing – how long did it take to capture this pose? Or yet to dress the lizard?

Anyone who knows me will remember that I have a weak spot for Pooh and Piglet!

This one just has to be one of my favorites!  What are these little guys thinking?

This one might just be my favorite!  I love the creativity and art within this one!

I really love the added touch of the high-heels here!  Amazing what a pair of heels can do for the legs!

These three really look like they are getting a kick out of the photo opportunity!

And this guy really looks like he should be able to fly!

I think this cat is really angry that it was chosen to be in jail instead of the other way around!

This one ran a close second for favorite!  This is a family with a total sense of humor!

I really love the coconut bra on this one – I think the dog likes it too!

And this dog has never had so much fun!  Look at that smile!

This one was just worn out by all of the excitement!

And this little pup will need doggy therapy for many years to get over this traumatic experience!

I have a feeling this dog is already thinking of how to get even with it’s owner!

Another favorite!  Living in Florida we see some pretty far out G-Strings on the beach – this is an improvement to many I have seen!

And last but not least, a costume for every budget!  I hope you are all truly inspired and have new ideas of how to dress up tomorrow night!   John – thanks for the great photos!  I just had to use them all!  Now, I have to get busy to decide how I am going to dress Gracie tomorrow night! pkp

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