251 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Parker’s Climb Mt. Greylock Photos

The photos and scenery were just so great  in the Berkshires –  I just had to share more photos! I dedicate another post to Mt. Greylock, to Parker’s Climb and all of our climbers, and to my husband – who never ceases to amaze me in his quest for the cure!

Jeff, George Jr., Geoffrey Traditions Peace Sign - David

This is the second peace signs offered by my husband and favorite climber!  Geoff has such a “Bring It On Attitude” you cannot help but be inspired!

The Guys Taking A Break About One Mile Into The Climb
George IV & Christine Made The 4-Hour Drive To Climb Greylock

It was the first time Christine got to join us for an official Parker’s Climb!  She was decked out in Parker’s Climb Gear (sporting a Tee Shirt and hat!) Love that!

Ella - Pam - Madeleine Mt. Greylock With My Two Beautiful Nieces

It is so inspiring to have Geoffrey’s two beautiful nieces supporting Parker’s Climb.  They mean the world to us and we are so happy that they are helping to raise awareness to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

David and Jeff - Join Parker's Climb - And We Are Lucky To Have Them!

Two new friends for the Parker’s Climb initiative!  I know that they will keep getting the word out and I hope they will join us on another PC adventure!

What A Great Group to Help Raise Awareness For The Cure!
Travis - The Parker's Climb Mascot - Taking A Dip During the Climb

Travis was in his element – he herded us up and down this mountain!  He was one tired boy last night after the climb and he slept right next to my bed all night!

David Recruiting New Friends To Parker's Climb During The Climb
George - The Master Chef - Pulled Out All Of Geoff's Favorites On This Trip!
Geoffrey - The Love Of My Live - And My Inspiration

If I ever have a bad day – If I am ever feeling tired – I just think of Geoffrey and all he does to inspire others who are living with Parkinson’s Disease.

Parker's Climb - Mt. Greylock - The Cheshire Harbor Trail

We all started out to climb a mountain today and to raise awareness for a disease that has far exceeded it’s time.  Today there were a dozen or so of us – we are not done – Parker’s Climb will continue on – Until we find our cure!

One Day Climbing A Mountain Will Be To Get To The Top - Today It Is To Help Cure PD!

Geoffrey, Pam, David, Larri, George III, Madeleine, Jeff, Christine, George IV, Zena, Laura, Ella, Travis

2 thoughts on “251 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Parker’s Climb Mt. Greylock Photos”

  1. TO Pam And Geoffrey, Thank you so much for allowing me the pleasure of joining the Parker family and Parker Climb for a cure. I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude. Geoff your persistence and drive is so encouraging to me as a fellow Parkinson’s patient, you are amazing keep it up and Kilimanjaro will be a walk in the park. Pam you said something to me on way down mountain about your hike in Maine ,it was how you would get nervous about Geoff being out of your sight. Nervous for you not for him I understand but DON’T BE. You’re an amazing women to work,hike and take on this website while being a caregiver to your husband with Parkinson’s.Very inspiring both of you..Larri and GeorgeIII thank you for lunch everything was great. Larri thanks for the laughs and kind words while hiking. I just wish I had camera for crosswalk seen .. LOL George III next time Larri comes to Sturbridge to hang with Saki Joe! give me call we’ll sit on my deck and drink some of your home brew Saki. George IV and Christine good luck with new home..Jeff,Ella,Zena,Laura and we can’t forget the one that keep us all together Travis thank you for stepping out on a rainy Sunday to help Parkers Climb for a Cure. Thank you Dave from STurbridge

    1. Loved every minute of our mountain adventure! It is the relationships that we are building on the journey to a cure that make us strong! Just seeing you and Geoff conquer this mountain is an understatement of your inner strength! It stands for something so much greater – the will to create change in the world!
      We will see you again I am sure – and now we have each other to lean on – that is what friends are for!
      Love Pam & Geoff

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