283 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Mount Greylock – Parker’s Climb For The Fox Foundation

There is nothing better than experiencing the change of seasons in the fall! To see the leaves painted in full fall colors, to savor the crisp scent in the air that you find only in the fall, and to pull out a sweater for those temperatures that feel a little nippy at night! These are all things that we just cannot do in Florida in the fall. The mountains – there is just no better place to be when the fall season comes calling.

Year after year, Geoff and I say we are going to plan a trip to the mountains to enjoy the change of seasons. This year we are going do it! We are going to the mountains!

Now, I think it would be a fair assumption on your part to conclude that we are not just going to the mountains purely to see fall foliage and to smell the crisp fall air. No, we are going to climb another mountain!! Yeah, that’s right! The Parker family is at it again! We are going to climb a mountain!

Mount Greylock is located in western Massachusetts, in the Berkshire Mountains. At 3,491 feet, Greylock is the highest mountain in Massachusetts. Is anyone starting to see a trend here? We climbed the highest mountain in Maine (Mt. Katahdin) and we are going to climb the highest mountain in East Africa (Mt. Kilimanjaro). Yep, a trend – a definite trend! But the way I see it – if you are going to climb a mountain – you might as well go for the highest ones, right?

Mount Greylock - The Berkshire Mountains - Western MA

Just shy of 3,500 feet, Mt. Greylock may not seem all that remarkable, (especially after Kathadin), but it is known to be one of the most scenic mountains in the Eastern United States. Scenic is in order – quite honestly. All I remember about Mt. Katahdin was 5.1 miles of granite boulders – I think its fair to say that I am ready for a little scenery of the mountain this time!

It is thought that the mountain has existed for 450 million years, and the magnificant views from the summit encompass five states. Mt. Greylock is located in the western part of the town of Adams in Berkshire County. It is part of the Taconic Mountains (A range of the Appalachian Mountains in southeast New York, western Massachusetts, and southwest Vermont) and it also joins the Berkshire Hills to the east.

Mount Greylock - 3,491 feet - The Highest Mountain in MA

A 50 mile network of trails traverse the mountain, including the Appalachian Trail and the famous Thunderbolt Trail that descends Greylock’s steep eastern slope.  This trail  totals 2,175 vertical feet, in 1.6 miles. Ok – the summit of Mt. Greylock may be 1,744 feet lower than the summit of Mt. Katahdin, but a 2,175 ascent in 1.6 miles is a pretty steep hike. But that is what mountains are for right? A steep hike!

I look forward to spending time with my family. I am ready for some of George’s humor and some of his home made wine. I am ready for hours with Larri (because she tells me I am great and I can do anything! Ha!) 🙂 I am ready to see Maddy (she has had a birthday since we climbed a mountain and I still have her present), and I am ready to see George IV and Christine to catch up on what’s happening in Vermont.   Christine has just opened a new business and I am dying to hear all about it!!  Geoff  really enjoys spending time with his brothers – some of his best times are just laughing with his family – He really loves these guys and there is nothing like spending time with those we love!

Most of all, I look forward to spending time with Geoff in the mountains. There is a sense of peace that comes over my husband when you get him in the woods and near mountains. Perhaps it comes from living 20 years in Sun Valley – I’m not sure. I just know he is in his element when he is surrounded by nature. (and a golf course – I cannot omit that!)

The Fall Season - Mt. Greylock - Painted In Colors

Boy – I have a month – I have newspapers to contact – I have a press release to write – I have to start researching who I need to meet in Adams, Mass.   The Parker’s are going to take Mt. Greylock by storm!    Team Fox – we are on it!

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

Sir Edmond Hillary

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