285 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – MYTIME Fitness – Training For PD Research In Pendleton, Indiana

EVERYONE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD – ONE STEP AT A TIME! Whether it is one volunteer hour, or one person spreading the word about Parker’s Climb, or a one dollar donation for Parkinson’s disease research – together we can change the world!  A local fitness center in Pendleton, Indiana is doing just that!!

The Beautiful Town of Historic Pendleton, Indiana

When we launched Parker’s Climb, one of the first people to step up to the plate to promote and raise funds for Parkinson’s disease research was my long-time friend, Connie.  She was immediately interested in helping to raise money for The Michael J. Fox Foundation. This comes as no surprise! Connie is all about doing good works to help make people healthier! It is quite simply, what she loves to do!

Serving as Manager of MyTime Fitness, located in Pendleton, Indiana, Connie runs this family-friendly fitness center in the town that I grew up in, and she is committed to improving lives, one person at a time!

MyTime Fitness - Strength, Circuit & Cardiovascular Equipment

Connie goes well beyond just managing her fitness center and teaching classes. She lives the life style and she gently (some may think “gently” is a bit mild! 🙂 ) encourages others to get involved in a program that will be rewarding and enjoyable and one that will keep you active and healthy your entire life!

Owner, Phil Holden believes in the community of Pendleton and by running a family oriented fitness center, he is building stronger families. This has been the philosophy of MyTime Fitness since the center opened in 2001. This 24-Hour gym is a full-service facility, offering the finest in strength, circuit and cardio equipment as well as a broad offering of group exercise classes. Kids as young as twelve years old can work out here, as Phil believes starting young builds good, healthy lives!

MyTime Fitness - Dedicated To Improving The Lives Of Their Citizens

I have been friends with Connie since we were children. She and I have shared many, many things throughout our lifetime. It was only when I told Connie the news of Geoff’s Parkinson’s disease, that I learned that she has two uncles who are also living with PD.  Of all the things that we have shared over the years, whether they were good times or challenging times, we never contemplated sharing PD.

Connie and MyTime Fitness, in keeping with their commitment to improving the lives of others, have launched their own event to help raise awareness and funding for PD and Parker’s Climb! This time their efforts will have a positive impact on more than 5 Million lives!!

Connie will be teaching a MyTime Fitness & Parker’s Climb “Fitness Challenge” for the next 6 months! This event is offered to Members and Non-Members on Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM. Connie is generously donating her salary for teaching this class and she will be taking Free Will Donations for the Michael J. Fox Foundation during each session!! It is so special to have my home town of Pendleton, Indiana involved in our fundraiser!

Thank You MyTime Fitness and the wonderful people of Pendleton, Indiana. Geoffrey and I climb Mt. Kilimanjaro for you and your families and for all whose lives can be improved by this valuable research.

To Connie, (AKA – Mighty Fitness Trainer!) – the girl that used to know all of my secrets and the one who grew up by my side – I thank you from the bottom of my heart for leading this challenge!

True to form – you were always there and now we have something else to share! We are going to educate – we are going to train – and we are going to raise valuable donations for research to end this disease! You will be in my heart when Geoff and I climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro!  CJ, We are going to get our cure!

Bring It On!

Pendleton, Indiana - Modern Architecture & Historic Charm
Falls Park - I played On these Falls As A Child!

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