2nd Swing For A Cure – National Parkinson’s Foundation Tournament

There are two things that Geoff is very serious about – playing golf and being involved in any event that is raising funds to help fund the cure for Parkinson’s disease. Geoff was invited to play in the 2nd Swing For A Cure!– This Charity Golf Tournament is sponsored by the National Parkinson’s Foundation and Eric Kaplin, who hosts this event for a very special man, his father.

From Eric Kaplin: My father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease when I was five years old. Although I was naive to what this meant, it did not take long before I grew frustrated with the disease and what it was doing to my father.

Out of these frustrations, I turned to golf. Golf became my catharsis and best friend. It is a game that has taught me humility and love, passion and patience; lessons I had to learn to be able to cope at home. It is my wish, that through this game I love, I can give back to a man I love.

This Second Annual Parkinson’s Charity Golf Tournament will be my attempt to give back by means of a game, which has given so much to me. This event will be held Saturday, November 12, 2011 at the Links at Madison Green Golf Course in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

The Links at Madison Green - Home of the Swing For A Cure

While Geoff played golf for this great cause, I attended the wedding of Adam and Amanda Russ, the youngest son of my good friend Lowell Rush.

I was fortunate to be accompanied by another good friend Steve Palin. Lowell, Steve and I all worked together at Little Switzerland – a spot in our careers that we all cherish.  Even though the company was sold out from under us far too early, we took one thing away from it,  a friendship that will last a life time!

As I stood at the reception, I turned to see Geoff coming towards me dressed in the same tuxedo that he was wearing at our wedding – the moment reminded me of our special day and the reason we walked down that isle.  It was a beautiful night and we danced in celebration of Amanda and Adam till very late in the evening. What a beautiful day – and what a wonderful evening! pkp

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