3 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – Parker’s Climb Team – Mt. Kilimanjaro or Bust

June 30, 2011 – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA to Tanzania, East Africa – The Parker’s Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro Expedition For Team Fox has Begun!

Parker’s Climb Team One – Pam & Geoff Parker have started making their way towards the African Continent towards Mt. Kilimanjaro!
Geoffrey and I awoke early on our last morning at home, and as I made coffee, he quietly said “Are you ready to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro Mrs. Parker” My response was, “Yes Mr. Parker – with you by my side, I can do this! Bring it On!” 

Bon Voyage Lulu - See you in Tanzania! Bring it On!

At almost the same moment Larri, my sister in law and leader of the Parker’s Climb Team Two, sent me a text message that said “Bon Voyage” – for which I promptly used the same response, “Bring It On! The rest of Team Parker will start their journey to Tanzania tomorrow, and then we get the real show on the road – or I guess I should say we finally get this show on the mountain. 

Saying goodbye to Mom was hard this morning. Yesterday we had no tears when we hugged goodbye, but this morning we were a little more emotional. Her last words was that she is very proud of her kids and I know she meant it! It was almost as difficult saying goodbye to Little Kili and Gracie! I spent extra time saying goodbye to Kili as Geoffrey spent time with Gracie, as if to reassure these two little creatures that Mommy and Daddy will return to them safe and sound! 

Mom and our little ones are in good hands with Uncle Gregory so it is time to relax, kick back and just enjoy the flight if that is at all possible! I am really going  to get in a relaxed and calm state from this point forward. That is going to be one of the most important parts of the climb – and and all zen moments are going to play a significant role in getting us to the summit.

Since our launch a year ago, there are not too many days that I have missed writing the blog – of late it has been a little more difficult. During the end of May when Mom was ill, I missed several days – actually I still have bits and pieces of unfinished posts for those days and maybe one day I will go back to add them. Her care was pretty intense and it was one of the first times in the past year when I just could not make the words happen.

During the climb I may go through blog-withdrawal but finding hot spots on Mt. Kilimanjaro is not very likely. More importantly, I doubt that I will have the extra energy to write. When I can, I will be making notes for each day so I can put it together when I come back down to earth – Really come back down to earth!

The outpouring of messages, texts and emails has been incredible and Geoffrey and I thank each and everyone of you for your inspiring words! I had a special Bon Voyage Lunch with Steve, David and Lowell yesterday, it was a wonderful last-minute treat.  These three are like my brothers and even with some time apart, there is a bond that will never cease with us! There was one seat open at our table for our boss; the one who brought us all together, and then went to be with the angels. You are still missed every day Chris!

Tonight, as Geoffrey and I fly throughout the night,  Larri and George and Geo IV and Madeleine will be scampering around until all hours of the night like Geoff and I did last night. Well let me rephrase that;  Like I was scampering around – Geoff was well organized and he had a pretty calm evening. 

I had a lot of last minute tasks to finish before starting to download new music to my iPod. Yeah, I waited until the night before leaving to do this? I finished at about 2:00 AM, but look at it this way, tonight I will be very tired and may sleep on the flight from Amsterdam to Tanzania! And if sleep does not come, I will have quite a lot of new music to listen to!

One of our great send off messages came from the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The Team Fox folks sent their best wishes for a safe journey to the summit! We are so proud to do this climb in honor of Team Fox! Geoffrey and I are so thankful for the Michael J. Fox Foundation and for all they are doing to improve the lives of more than six million people world wide.

It is the names and the faces of this living with Parkinson’s disease that drives the Parker’s Climb Team to raise awareness and funding to help cure this disease! 

If you have not donated to our Parker’s Climb – Team Fox Fundraiser, I hope you will do so today! Help us make a difference – help us by sharing our story with others so people living with Parkinson’s disease can be inspired by Geoffrey’s tenacious appetite for staying physically fit! We so strongly believe it is slowing the progression of his disease and improving his life on a daily basis!

The Parker’s Climb Team will send messages when we can – my good friend and huge supporter Kelley will give updates on our Facebook page as to where we are on the mountain! We are climbing for the CURE!

Going down beautiful Mt. Manadock - New Hampshire's highest mountain

Share the Parker’s Climb Video in celebration of Parker’s Climb: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyysPn6V-q0&sns=em

Join us on our journey – to the Roof of Africa – and to help bring an end to Parkinson’s disease!

Much Love,
Pam & Geoffrey 

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  1. Just sent a text to your phone and hope you see it! Good luck! You’ll be great! And Happy 7th Anniversary on 7/7 as well!!! Love you guys!!!!

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