307 Days To The Mountain – Parkers Climb Kathadin On YouTube

Monday morning after being on vacation is never an easy day!! The day started out as most regular Monday mornings. I climbed out of bed, showered, and dressed for work.

I cannot say that I was overly excited to go back to work this morning. Not because I do not love my work, I do, Really! You see, normally, I have kept up with emails and stayed on top of pending work related matters while out on vacation, just to ease the pain of that Monday morning return.

This trip was different. I did not check emails, I did not return phone calls – I just turned it off, tuned it out and did what I do not usually do well – I had a vacation – and it was a vacation with a purpose!!

I cannot say that I rested – in fact, there was literally no rest on this vacation. I did not sleep too well before climbing Mount Kathadin, I guess in anticipation of the climb. Then I did not sleep well after the climb, when you would think that exhaustion would have just taken over.

The first couple of nights after the climb, I kept reliving the climb over and over in my mind. I would wake up and different parts of the climb would be fresh in my mind. I had the need to run through it again in my head. I am sure that there is some Freudian Theory for this behavior – perhaps to do it better the next time.

Do you believe I even said that – to do it better the next time? I am actually shocked myself. For the first couple of days, I felt a little queasy just thinking about it…now I am actually thinking it would be interesting to do it again. Not a different trail – no, I am not that brave, (yet), but the same trail. I think I could do it better the second time around.

You know, if Geoffrey even gets wind of this post, he may just leave me…he may just ask for a separation…or he may just try to have me committed for intense therapy. 🙂 You know I am joking about that! I think he would just tell me, I had better be pretty well prepared for the second round, because he IS NOT going to carry my backpack for even a minute, a second time up the same mountain!

I think in my exhaustion, and the physical PAIN that you feel after climbing up 4,400 ft. and down 4.400 ft. in one day, I just forgot what we accomplished. I have reevaluated this and pretty much know that “THE PARKER’S ROCK!!”

Geoffrey is well into 5 years of PD, and he is married to an Indiana Hoosier, who has lived in Florida now for 14 years. My body is comfortable on FLAT surfaces – 35 of my 51 years has been on FLAT GROUND – I get it now…I just need a little more practice – a little more experience. Yeah – I think I need another mountain to practice on!

OK Parker Family – Do you get my message here? It is tiime to think of another mountain…Another Parker’s Climb. When you all read this, I think it is time for a “Parker Family Conference” – We need another mountain challenge. We need another Parker’s Climb to focus on!

What brought this on… Larri darling it was you. Tonight when you sent me Parkers Climb Katahdin on YouTube I realized we looked pretty good sitting on top of Mount Katahdin. It clicked – we did it – We RocK!!

Check us out – On YouTube – We have a fundraiser to drive – we have a disease to cure – there are a lot of mountains out there waiting on the Parker’s to spread the word. “Parker’s Climb”, We cannot stop for a year – we need another mountain!!

I chose Mount Kilimanjaro, Geoffrey chose Mount Kathadin, where is the next mountain for Parker’s Climb? Let’s hear it Parker Family!!

6 thoughts on “307 Days To The Mountain – Parkers Climb Kathadin On YouTube”

  1. You guys rock! Not many people I know can say they have climbed Mt. Katahdin.
    You’re an inspiration to many, many people.
    You have all of my support!
    Love ya,

    1. Your Maine is so beautiful Lisa! The mountain was quite challenging! Much bigger than I thought! But really good practice for the next one. Growing up in Maine must have been good!
      Love Pam & Geoff

  2. I am so proud of both you and the whole Parker Clan! You are doing a great thing and touching more lives than you will ever know..Love to all of you!
    Your friend every step of the way,

    See you soon!

    1. Kelley – I simply cannot wait for our girl’s holiday! You have no idea how much I am looking forward to it. You are my friend, my confident and the sister I never had! Love you bunches too and know that when the going gets tough you will be there to mop me up! ha!!

      see you soon!

    1. Larri,
      As usual, you have answered the burning question first – Mt. Greylock it is. I will start researching it! I think our theme of “Highest Mountains” is a keeper. Having just completed Mt. Kathadin (highest mountain in Maine) it makes perfect sense to pick Mt. Greylock, (highest mountain in Massachusetts).


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