314 Days To The Mountain – If The Creek Don’t Rise

As always,  life can throw a few last minute curves at even the most prepared travelers!   Geoff and I have had our share of “life’s little challenges” in our final weekend before leaving for Maine. I worked in the office today  for my usual nine hours, and really have done everything at home – oh yeah, with the exception of packing!   

We awoke  early and started the morning with an air conditioner on the blink.  Since the temperatures are in the high 90’s it is not possible to endure even a day of this.  
Fortunately our friend Mark, who owns his own heating and cooling company came to the rescue.  Mark and Geoff have done a lot of projects together, and also play golf when time permits.  So we got through this crisis pretty well unscathed.

My Mother had to be hospitalized on Friday so that added a little confusion and worry to our plans.  It was an  unexpected visit,  but fortunately she is progressing along.  This added additional stress to our well thought out plans, but we tried to remain positive and optimistic that her condition would improve.  

My mother, like many aging adults, struggles with heart disease and artery disease.  She is under the care of top cardiology doctors in south Florida, but the prognosis with this condition is always questionable, at best.  She received positive results from her stress test today so I think  we have also gotten over this bump as well  I had not originally planned to write about my mom’s health – not that she would really mind but I decided to share this with you.   Mom could sure use a prayer or two if you could add her to your list!   It is amazing what can happen when many people share a prayer!    

Geoff and I are so fortunate to have my Aunt Ann coming to stay at our home while we are away.  She is my Mother’s only sister and hopefully she will be the right medicine for my mother this week!  Ann also has the responsibility to care for Gracie Bird in our absence!  Geoff ran her through all the birdie-care rules and gave her a heads up on all of Gracie’s favorite things.  It was a pretty long list! 🙂 

I love my Aunt Ann, she and I share some things in common that I will share one day!  She is a ray of sunshine in life and has always been my favorite.    She is a wonderful Christian mother and grandmother and she has a laugh that is unforgettable and contagious.    

The first time my Aunt met Gracie, it was not love at first sight.  Grace actually walked across the counter top and bit my aunt on the finger!  And Grace she looks so innocent!  I have a feeling Grace will warm ip to her once she figures out “Daddy” is gone!  I should have told Ann that Gracie loves to fly and land right on top of your head.  I guess she will figure this out!  I can just hear my Aunt Ann laughing now, as she wears her new Gracie-hat!

There is still a chance of rain in our forecasts for Thursday – Mt. Katahdin climb day!  We are hoping it will pass- a nice day of cool cloud cover would be just fine!  We he have weathered a few storms already this week and are ready for a little calm- mountain- moose time!  

So off we go- planned arrival into Bangor, Maine at 3:30 tomorrow – God Willing & If The Creek Don’t Rise!!

I think all the Parker’s are ready to take our first steps on our first mountain!  As we start our climb, I hope the contribution meter on our Team Fox page will continue it’s climb too!  
We both have a long way to the top!

Geoffrey & Pam

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