338 Days To The Mountain – Keen Hiking Shoes

Mission Accomplished! After more than two weeks, Geoff  has found the hiking shoes for Mt. Katahdin! This is a really important step when starting to climb a mountain – no matter the size!

I was speaking to my own foot doctor about our climb. I have unique feet you see! I actually have extra bones in both feet and have a pretty large bone patrooding on the top of my right foot. I know this is really more than I needed to share right? But, you see, when we start to climb the mountain (Katahdin or Kilimanjaro) one of the most important elements to consider is our feet.

According to Dr. Brandwine (my foot specialist) the most common reason hikers and climbers do not make it to the top during a climb is because their feet give out. They have improper fitting shoes, they end up with blisters and that is enough to shut you down. Believe me, this is one of my biggest concerns about walking more than 50 hours up Kili.

Dr. Brandwine is going to work with me to make sure I get great fitting boots and he will make inserts for the inside if necessary. My hikers are fine for Mt. Katahdin – it will be a good test to see how the overgrown bone does…Worst case scenerio, when I get the boots for the Kili climb, we have to cut a hole in the top of my boot and cover it with something to keep it dry. I think this is the last resort, but an option if needed! Not like I really want to spend upwards of $500 on the best hiking boots, only to cut a hole in the top! I guess that gives new meaning to custom-fit!!

Geoff Buying New "Keen Hiking Shoes" For Mt. Katahdin Climb

Geoff is pretty happy with his new Keen Hikers! He thinks I am crazy – I shot a great photo to remember the moment! Now he has a month to break them in well before we travel to Maine! Next week we both start wearing our hiking shoes to work out in. I read this is a great way to break them in. John has already told me to be prepared for the Tuesday workout. We start lunges! Have I mentioned, I hate lunges? I am sure I will have a lot to say about that later.

Keeping  The Army of Change in my prayers and thoughts as Enzo Simone leads this army up Mt. Washington tomorrow! I wish we were there!

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