339 Days To The Mountain – Enzo Simone Leads The Army Of Change

The Army of Change, led by fundraiser, mountain climber, extroidinaire, Enzo Simone will climb Mt. Washington in New Hampshire this weekend. If you have not heard of Enzo yet, you will!

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Enzo in person. Just one day after Geoff and I booked our trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, I found Enzo and The Regulars while searching the web for information on those who have previously climbed Mt. Kili. I was moved beyond words by his passion to rally the world to raise funds to cure Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. Two diseases that have touched my life and the lives of my family.

If I had not already made the commitment to climb a mountain for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, I might not have understood what drives Enzo – now I get it and I am further driven by his commitment and his passion. If you have seen the video he made – you will understand. He cannot stop – he will not stop – and this is the kind of soldiers we need to fight this war.

Enzo and I have corresponded via email and I know one day we will have an opportunity to meet in person. I hope it is on his trip to Florida to introduce his documentary, 10 Mountains / 10 Years. I have seen the trailer for this documentary produced by Backlight Productions and cannot wait to see it in it’s entirity. It is the story of Enzo and his team of climbers, The Regulars, climbing ten mountains, over ten years to raise awareness and funding to help find the cure for PD and ALZ.

I am deeply moved by Enzo and his life calling. It is like we were destined to meet and to become involved in helping one and other to get the message out. We can make a difference and we can share a passion that burns deeply in our souls. Watching Goeff live every day with PD and losing his mother last year to ALZ, and my grandmother some years earlier, we share a common thread born out of pain – we share a passion to end the suffering for those who have been innocently called to bear this load.

Enzo – my prayers are with you and The Army of Change this weekend as you climb Mt. Washington. I know you will be touching lives and inspiring those who can not climb, with every step you take.

Tonight I know that there are small groups across the country making their way towards Mt. Washington. By plane, by car, they are anticipating what lies ahead with excitement. They travel alone today but will meet a great Army Of Change at the base of the mountain. God Speed up this mountain and God Speed to our cures!

*This post is dedicated to Enzo Simone and the Army of Change*

“World Up Enzo!”

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