340 Days To The Mountain – Parker’s Climb Gear

Team Fox and Parker's Climb Shirts & Hats

I was up at 6:00 am this morning to go work out! Today was weight training and the weights got heavier! I have a feeling this will be the trend! I got down a bottle of Naked Juice – Banana-Protein flavor! Not bad for the girl who does not eat breakfast.

As I walked into the house after my workout, Geoff was up doing his normal morning routine. He just looked at me and said “it will get easier”, “one day you will just wake up, go work out, and get this amazing burst of energy.” I am really looking forward to that day! Energy – What’s that? I cannot wait!

I thought about coming home and doing nothing! Just lying on the sofa – doing absolutely nothing! Then I saw the BOX!! Our first order of Parker’s Gear arrived – and yes, I have to pay for mine too!

It is great stuff! Ladies, the T-shirts run small! Order a full size larger. I will probably be looking for some small friends to share mine with! But that is ok – just more proceeds to the MJFF! (Remember, 100% of the proceeds goes to the Fox Foundation!) The water bottles are great – made of metal and large! The tote bag is fun too! Love the logo against a light blue shirt! Must also have the white with long red sleeves! And the hat is awesome! Geoff put his on and Gracie immediately flew over and landed on his head! I think that may mean good luck!!

A few days ago when the mail arrived I had a nice surprise from the Michael J. Fox Foundation – My first Team Fox T-Shirt! This one will travel up the mountain with me!!

So tonight I leave you with a view of my new weekend wardrobe!

Happy Shopping From Pam & Geoff

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