342 Days To The Mountain – Call From President Clinton’s Office

My day started very early this morning – I was up at 6:00 am drinking juice and trying to get half a banana down before going to work with my trainer John. John insists that I try to put some fuel in the tank before arriving, and today I really needed it! Can I just say “It was hard getting started this morning!”. John says I am doing “good”. John would hate to see a grown woman cry while lying on the floor of the gym in exhaustion, now wouldn’t he? 🙂

After my workout, I arrived at the office and started my day. I had just gone for my second cup of coffee when my cell phone rang. I picked it up and did not recognize the New York phone number. I answered and the soft voice at the other end of the line said, “Good Morning Pamela, this is Clare calling from the office of President Bill Clinton”!!! My voice suddenly went up a full three to four octives as I tried to just sound NORMAL to say “Oh Yes, Good Morning Clare”. I sounded like an opera singer – but please, this call was on behalf of past, President William Jefferson Clinton.

Clare was kind enough to acknowledge my recent invitation to Mr. Clinton to join Geoffrey and I on our Mt. Kilimanjaro climb. I threw in that we were just trying to help our former President fulfill his bucket list. I then got quite serious and stated that our fundraising event for the Michael J Fox Foundation could benefit so much by having Mr. Clinton join our climb.

Clare went on to state that the schedule for Mr. Clinton is quite full and he feels that he would not be able to properly train this year for this aggressive climb. I quickly threw in that most people train for Kili for about six months and he has a full year.
I spent an enormous amount of time trying to lodge this point and Clare calmly listened.

In the end, Clare was kind enough to tell me that she would mention to Mr. Clinton that many people have climbed with far less than a year of training, and, if his schedule cleared at all, she would continue to remember this event and would bring it up to him again – if the schedule cleared.

When I got home and checked my email I had an email from Clare. It was just reiterating our discussion from this morning – but wow!! What a Monday!! A call and an email from the office of our former President. This is what the email said:

Dear Pamela,

On behalf of President Clinton, I would like to thank you for your invitation for the President to join you and your husband on your July 4, 2011 Mt. Kilimanjaro climb. It is quite commendable to commit to such an intense physical act for such an amazing cause. Unfortunately, the President’s calendar has shaped up to be quite busy and he will therefore be unable to join you. As you can imagine, his calendar tends to be quite full and he therefore is unable to take on as many commitments as he would like.

Thank you again for reaching out and good luck with your climb!


THe Scheduling Department
Office of President William J. Clinton
The Clinton Foundation

*Mr. Clinton – you can do this climb with far less training than Geoff and I – Geoff will be in his 5th year of PD! We hope your schedule will change – we welcome you on Parker’s Climb and I promise it will be one of the greatest events of your life!

Warmest regards,
Pamela & Geoffrey Parker

6 thoughts on “342 Days To The Mountain – Call From President Clinton’s Office”

    1. Yeah – He has a very talented intern in his office. Clare was a delight and promised to stay on him about making the climb. I was actually convinced she would!

  1. Pam that is amazing !!! How very gracious of President Clinton’s office to call you on his behalf. That was very kind of them !! Don’t forget to tell them (I am sure he aleady knows) he can make a contribution in support since he cannot participate in the actual climb. That is so very exciting though !!!

    1. Debbie,
      I could not be more pleased at the professional manner of correspondence from the foundation! I am going to write to them and continue to try to convince Mr. Clinton that he has time to train! Just do not want to give up! We have just launched a line of Parker’s Climb Gear (see new tab on home page). I am going to send them T-shirts and hope for a donation! 🙂


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