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Marketing 101 teaches us, to be a successful retailer, you must possess a name that people will identify with and remember! Moosejaw.com has certainly selected a name that I will remember and Geoff selected this retailer from a list of many to purchase our Gregory backpacks from. Why Moosejaw you ask? Because he has had the pleasure of seeing a Moose and has a real, moose story! I had the pleasure of hearing his story yesterday, while shopping online.

I cannot say that I have seen a moose, although I am certainly hoping to see one on our upcoming climb of Mt. Katahdin in Maine in August. And it will probably happen, now that we will be carrying new backpacks, purchased from Moosejaw.com!!

As the story goes, Geoff was once hiking in Idaho between Ketchum and Macky, on his way to Kane Lake, in The Devil’s Bedstead. For those of you who have not been to Idaho, The Devil’s Bedstead is a valley and a mountain range in the Sawtooth Mountains.

As Geoff started his walk in the lower altitudes, there was a great beaver pond that he had to cross. As he walked near the beaver pond he walked right up on a big, furry, black butt – and realized he was a little too near the tail end of a huge black moose. When the female moose turned and looked Geoff straight in the eye, he knew it was time to select a new route. He quickie turned and high-tailed it out of the beaver pond, leaving Ms. Moose still drinking at the edge. Now you have previously heard my stories about wild animals coming right out of the woods and up to Geoff – This is not one of them!! I do promise one day to share his Elk story! It did not end quite so easily.

My first experience with Moosejaw .com was awesome. I needed a little more information so I called to finish my order. I spoke with Langin and he was a delight! Before we hung up, I told him all about Parker’s Climb – and I hope he joins us to see our Moosejaw story! Thanks Langin for such a pleasant shopping experience! Love that and will visit you again soon! Many more items will be needed before Mt. Kili!

Happy Sunday and Happy Shopping at Moosejaw.com

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