344 Days To The Mountain – Mt. Katahdin, Maine

Today we started our preparation for the August Mt. Katahdin climb. We are excited to do this climb as it will be the first official gathering of the Parker Family to kick off “Parker’s Climb” and to do a one year memorial for Evelyn Parker in her birthplace in Maine.

Mt. Katahdin is the highest mountain in Maine and it is located in Baxter State Park. The climb is ranked “Difficult to Strenuous” and it is roughly a 4,000 ft accent to the summit at 5,268 ft. This will be my first trip to Maine and I am excited to try out a mountain and then spend a couple of days in Bar Harbor on the ocean.

The mountain, from what I read is in a totally natural state. If trees fall or rocks slide they are left where they lie. The do not clear the trails and you do the climb under, over and around what ever might be in the trail. There are several routes up to the summit and you must leave by 6:00 to 7:00 am to be allowed to climb to the top. Reaching the summit you are well above the tree line and persons are cautioned if they have a fear of heights.

Meeting up with the “Parker Clan” will be an exciting event! We have Greg coming in from San Diego, George, Larri and Maddy joining us from Boston and George Jr. and Christine connecting with us from Vermont. We will share a lakeside cabin overlooking Lake Millinocket and have lots of time to plan our attack of the mountain!

Geoff and I went shoe shopping – I have great hikers from our safari, Geoff on the other hand wore his out. We also started shopping for day packs. This will be the first test run for carrying a back pack up a mountain. For Katahdin, we will need to pack lunches and snacks, jackets, rain cover and all the water we want to drink over an eight to ten hour trek up and down. The one requirement by the Baxter Park Rangers is that each person have a flash light. I think the light that attaches to a hat will be best – so this is on the shopping list too.

What a great way to get us fired up! Spend time with family, remember the great lady who brought the Parker Brothers into the world and recharge our batteries as we continue to train for Mt. Kilimanjaro.

This will be our first Team Fox Event, of what I hope to be many over the next year. I challenge my friends, my family members and anyone out there to come up with fundraising ideas, all to benefit the Michael J Fox Foundation. Geoff and I are here to support you and will get involved in any events for the cause! Bring them on friends! We need your support!

Warm Regards,
Pam & Geoff

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