43 Days To Mt. Kilimanjaro – A Walk In The Park

Some events in life are as simple as a walk in the park – and some events in life are a bit more complicated! These days our lives seem to center around walking and working out and finalizing our plans for Mt. Kilimanjaro. Who ever thought we could be consumed by a mountain that is half a world away. We have been consumed; no doubt!

Geoff woke up with an exorbitant amount of energy this morning! Instead of me suggesting the 4.5 mile walk around the airport, he was all over it! Now keep in mind we have temperatures in the high eighties with humidity that has skyrocketed! It feels like air you wear, to put it mildly!

We packed up the backpack with bottles of water and the dogs bowl, and headed out for the Pompano Park Walking Track with Lil Kili in tow. Kili was way more excited than me, but that is probably because he knows he can walk half the track and be carried for the other half! The life of our pup!

As we reached the half mile mark, Lil Kili was running at full speed. He thought we needed to stop at every tree to leave our scent for the next dog who comes along. In this heat, his little tongue was wagging and I could tell that he was going to be ready for his carrier very soon! Sure enough – by the time we got to about three quarters of a mile he promptly laid down in the shade of a tree and waited for me to pick him up! And I did; all the time wondering, if I sat under that same shade tree, would Geoff pick me up?

It was one hot walk today and we had not even one little break from the sun for the entire walk! By the time we reached the two mile mark I could have easily stopped! There are no short cuts on this track – at the two mile mark you have made a commitment to finish! We did take a short break to water the dog, and I was thankful for the excuse to stop!

Our last walk was filled wih laughter over how absurd I looked with a seven pound Yorkie strapped to my chest. This time as we walked the third mile in the heaviest traffic, I could have cared less what people thought! I just wanted to make it to the shady area rounding the golf course.

Mile three to four was a bit easier because there is a tiny bit of shade. Lil Kili was thankful once again for a cold drink of water and a chance to run on his leash. Happy dog to say the least! I mean there is nothing like walking in the park with Mom and Dad! Right?

Our final mile was a hot one – back in the full sun with temperatures nearing 90 degrees. I strapped Lil Kili back on my chest and just went for it! We must have sweat buckets of water during our 4.5 mile walk! It felt like it anyway!

The best part of our walk today came when it was over! I think Kili was ready for another 4.5 miles, but this old girl was ready for a shower and some down home air-conditioning! Take that thermostat to about 72 degrees and I was one happy walker! 🙂

Judging by Kili’s reaction, I think he too was happy to be back in the air-conditioning! It took all of ten minutes for him to be sleeping on the sofa next to his Daddy!

It took all of ten minutes for Kili to just pass out after our walk!

Speaking of Daddy, it took all of about fifteen minutes for him to be sleeping next to his Yorkie!

It took all of fifteen minutes for Geoff to drift off!

A great day had by all – just another day in the Parker family – No complication in this day – Just A walk in the park! Pkp

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