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About the 2017 “10 Mountains 10 Years” Ambassador Project to Machu Picchu  – On July 21, 2017,  the Parker’s Climb team is joining a group of world class advocates on a journey through the Andes Mountains to Machu Picchu to raise awareness and funding for families affected by Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.  The team of 35 climbers will journey 45 kilometers to arrive into Machu Picchu on the 106th anniversary of its discovery.

The “10 Mountains 10 Years” project began raising awareness and funds for these two diseases on Mont Blanc in 2006 with a team of 9 international climbers called the “Regulars”.  To date, 10M10Y has gained nearly 500 teammates through it’s six previous climbs, and inspired a number of off-shoot awareness projects. It has been a subject of a feature film documentary called “10 Mountains 10 Years” featuring Anne Hathaway (narration), Bruce Springsteen (soundtrack) and Leeza Gibbons (introduction). The film has earned 28 film awards.

10 Mountains 10 Years founder Enzo Simone has led the charge for these fundraising climbs. He has united teams from around the world by creating these projects as a platform for each teammate to champion the aspects of these diseases that they feel are most important to them.  It could be research, care-giving, public policy just to name a few.

Machu Picchu will be the seventh such event. “The mountain is more than physical,” it’s a metaphor for reaching goals in health, personal achievement, research and in funding cures,” said Enzo Simone.

“During our training for the 2011 Parker’s Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro fundraising expedition, I had the good fortune to meet Enzo” states Pamela Parker.  “I hoped one day to join the 10 Mountains 10 Years team and was elated when Enzo launched this project.” Joining me on this climb will be Steve Palin and Russell Ackner, two friends who cheered me on during the first climb and will have my back on this climb.

Donations to The Michael J. Fox Foundation during  the 2017 Ambassador Project may be made on our direct link to Team Fox.  All team members of this event are fully funding their climb and 100% of our donations will go directly to Team Fox.

About the 2011 Parker’s Climb – The Parker’s Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro fundraising expedition was launched on July 4, 2010 by Pamela and Geoffrey Parker. Six members of the Parker family began their climb in Tanzania, East Africa on July 4, 2011 to raise awareness for Parkinson’s Disease and valuable donations for the Michael J Fox Foundation. 100% of the funds raised were donated to the MJFF. The Parker family funded their fundraising efforts and climb in its entirety.

Pamela & Geoff Parker
Pamela & Geoff Parker

Geoff and Pam have been contributing to the Michael J Fox Foundation since 2006 when Geoff was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. “We believe in the Fox Foundation and are so encouraged by their aggressively funded research agenda and to ensuring the development of improved therapies for those living with PD.” The Fox Foundation is leading the way to a cure by spearheading research that is often overlooked by government and industry funding. More than five million people world-wide have Parkinson’s Disease and will benefit directly from this research. We also believe other neurological disorders could benefit by the research that is being conducted and if a cure for PD is found it could open up the doors to help in the cure of other brain disorders.

www.parkersclimb.com allowed friends to follow the Parker’s progress over the their year of training leading up to their climb to the Roof of Africa at 19,340 feet. It was a personal view into the lives of a couple who wanted to make a difference. Most people train an average of six months for Kilimanjaro, but most people are not climbing five and a half years after being diagnosed with the disease as Geoff did.

“I believe Geoff can provide inspiration to others living with PD”. He has always been athletic and today he follows a strict physical regimen that appears to be slowing the progression of the disease. He has never once said “why me”, he just keeps moving and living with this positive attitude that is bigger than life!

If we can touch one life, bring peace to one PD patient who is struggling to place one foot in front of the other we will have been successful. If we can educate those who know little about this disease and raise funds for the cure it may well be the greatest accomplishment of our lifetime.

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