Parker’s Climb Machu Picchu 2017 / The Ambassador Project

It is my great pleasure to announce that on July 21, 2017  Pamela Parker, Russell Ackner and Steven Palin will represent  Parker’s Climb  as they join the acclaimed 10 Mountains/10 Years team of climbers for The 2017 Ambassador Project to raise awareness and funding to benefit Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. A group of 35 climbers from five countries will unite on a 4 day, 45 kilometer journey […]

Day 5 – 500ft Of Lava Flow Ahead!

Today’s BIG challenge is to hike up the Barranco Wall – a 500ft lava flow. It’s not a technical wall, but challenging nonetheless. Once on top of the “wall”, the climb becomes easier and extremely beautiful with fantastic views of the crags and crevasses of the jagged peaks of Kibo. Lastly Team Parker will descend […]