Day 5 – 500ft Of Lava Flow Ahead!

Today’s BIG challenge is to hike up the Barranco Wall – a 500ft lava flow. It’s not a technical wall, but challenging nonetheless. Once on top of the “wall”, the climb becomes easier and extremely beautiful with fantastic views of the crags and crevasses of the jagged peaks of Kibo. Lastly Team Parker will descend into the Karanga Valley and up the other side for a good night sleep at camp. The sunsets here are spectaular. Todays travels were 4-5hrs a distance of 2.4 miles at 13,200ft elevation.

The Great Barranco Wall
The Great Barranco Wall - 500ft Of Pure Lava & Adrenaline!

1 thought on “Day 5 – 500ft Of Lava Flow Ahead!”

  1. So excited for your summit!! You are almost there!!! I know you have mind over matter at this point, and you are ready, no matter what!!! I’m so proud of you, no matter how far you’ve come!!!

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