Mount Katahdin Conquered!

They made it! Here they are at the top!
7 hours to climb the Hunt Trail. It was more physically challenging than any of us ever imagined.
It was a 5.2 mile climb, 4,400 ft vertical climb. The descent was almost as physically challenging taking them another 6 hours to travel down 5.2 miles.
From Pam – “My husband is the most awesome person I know! When I was struggling, he carried my back pack and his backpack to give me a rest!”

Congratulations Team. Such an awesome way to kick off the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Mount Katahdin Conquered!”

  1. Congratulations!!! One down. Now you are officially “Mountain Climbers”
    Warming up for Kili!!
    World Up,

    1. Debbie – It was scary – breathtaking – emotional – and the hardest thing I have ever done. My fingers are just scratched – next time gloves are a must! I am not the most graceful climber – but hey – “I am from mid-Indiana” – The flat as a pancake state!
      A lot of work to do for Kilimanjaro but just awesome! Geoff was the real hero – I would not have made it without him.

      Thanks for your encouragement!!

      Pam * Geoff

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