Pam & Geoff Went Up The Hill To Fetch A Cure For Parkinson’s

Ok so I’m not the world’s greatest nursery rhyme writer. But I do know a good fairy tale when hear one.
Last November I had the very fortunate opportunity to join a group of wonderful people in South Florida to start on an amazing business journey. This journey (hopefully a very long and lucrative one) introduced me to an extraordinary person. Let’s call this person “Moxie”. So here’s Moxie, a seasoned executive with great presence, style and grace. Someone I immediately knew I wanted to build something great with. I’ve had some amazing mentors and coworkers over the years and I’m pretty perceptive but there was something about this person I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

A few months have now past and if you’ve ever worked in an office environment you learn quickly who’s who and how to make your mark. Moxie, intriguing and skilled in an industry that was new to me, was still somewhat of an enigma. Then one day in early July Moxie comes into my office and shares with me an adventure that was to be the pinnacle of success for those involved. But before the details of this grand design were explained, Moxie shares with me a personal story and the reason behind this escapade. Moxie proceeds to tell me this unbelievable story, right out of a romance novel, and then it happened. The guard is down, the executive aura has been shed and the fairy tale story of how two people found each other, are enduring through what is probably the most challenging hurdles a couple could face and how they’ve turned it into one of the greatest personal challenge stories yet to be told. In a heartbeat, this professional, smart and brilliant executive had turned into a passionate, teary-eyed mush with a heart the size of Nebraska. Call it what you will but I’ve learned over the course of my career that the best executive leaders and coworkers are the ones you can relate with, the ones that aren’t all business and the ones that let you share in their humanity.

If you haven’t figured it out (most of you I’m sure have already since you’ve been reading this blog since day one) Moxie is our much adored Pam. From that very moment I wanted to be a part of Parker’s Climb and support Geoff, Pam and all affected by Parkinson’s around the world. It is genuinely satisfying and fulfilling to be supporting such a good cause.

I’ve seen some wonderful people come through this site since we started it back in July and it’s gotten some great coverage as well. Thank you to those who’ve contributed, shared the link and cause with friends and family. The more exposure we get, the more likely we are to reach our contribution goals and make an even bigger dent in the enormous expense it takes to research a cure for PD. So while Pam & Geoff are climbing up Mount Katahdin in Maine, please make it a point to send the link to our site to a friend or family member. Post it on your own blog, a forum, Facebook or twitter. Our traffic has dipped and we’re always looking for creative ways to get the word out and reach those who may be interested in Parkinson’s research, contributing to the cause or those who just like some good stories about a girl, a boy, their bird and the mountain they are going to conquer. Not because it’s there, but because they can.

Peace, love, health & happiness,

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