Parker’s Climb Has Reached The Summit!

Today all gear is repacked taking only what they will need for the summit push. Today will be the toughest day, with the most stunning views of Mawenzi, the Kibo Saddle and the plains below. They will slowiy wind their way up over the rocky outcrops and through the scree until they reach the rim of the crater. After having lunch on the rim, the Team will make their push to the Summit. The view from the summit is dramatic! The weather and effects of the altitude will determine how long they will stay. After the Summit celebration they will descend to the Crater Camp for the night facing the amazing Furtwrangler Glacier… Todays climb time is 6-9hrs, 2.8mi and Summit 19,340ft. Crater camp is 18,700ft and is at the highest sleeping altitude.

Pictures to come!

1 thought on “Parker’s Climb Has Reached The Summit!”

  1. Thank God you made it. Been thinking about you guys every day. I knew it would be grueling, but reading the description of the climb each day really told how grueling. Congratulations, well down, now come home safely !!! Debbie.

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