The Decent Down Mount Kilimanjaro

Crater Camp to Mwenka Camp: Mwenka Camp will be the last night spent on Kilamanjaro. Hike time today is 7-9hrs, 10.2mi 10,400 ft. Tomorrow morning Team Parker will have a 3-4hr walk down to the gate, where the Tusker vehicles will be there to meet us and take us back to the hotel for a well-earned shower!

Promise to update with pictures as soon as we have them and are in a safe spot to upload!

*** UPDATE ***
Tusker Trail World Class Treks wrote: “Happy to announce that the entire Parker team made it to the summit of Kilimanjaro – Such an AWESOME job! They are all well and resting at the hotel in Moshi, catching up on some well-deserved R & R in a real bed.”

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