The Decent Down Mount Kilimanjaro

Crater Camp to Mwenka Camp: Mwenka Camp will be the last night spent on Kilamanjaro. Hike time today is 7-9hrs, 10.2mi 10,400 ft. Tomorrow morning Team Parker will have a 3-4hr walk down to the gate, where the Tusker vehicles will be there to meet us and take us back to the hotel for a well-earned shower!

Promise to update with pictures as soon as we have them and are in a safe spot to upload!

*** UPDATE ***
Tusker Trail World Class Treks wrote: “Happy to announce that the entire Parker team made it to the summit of Kilimanjaro – Such an AWESOME job! They are all well and resting at the hotel in Moshi, catching up on some well-deserved R & R in a real bed.”

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3 comments to The Decent Down Mount Kilimanjaro

  • Katie Robinson

    Waiting patiently for updates and pictures!
    I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of you guys! Just reading your note from 7/21 has moved me to tears!
    Much love to both of you!!

  • Pamela

    You all have no idea how happy we are to read your notes congratulating Team Parker! The climb was the most challenging physical and mental challenge of our lives! The Parker family pulled together as a team to all accomplish this for Team Fox!
    Geoff was the real champion – he talked from the start to finish – really! He never stopped while the rest of us struggled for air! Geoff just powered on! About 200 yards from the summit he took me by the hand and we walked pole-pole to the summit!
    There were many times I did not know if I could go on! At 17,500 feet I went over every good wish from the past year and dug deep for the real reason we climbed! This was for Team Fox – this was to prove our commitment to finding the cure and for all those who battle this disease day in and day out! We love you all! Thanks for your prayers and good wishes! Many photos and mountain stories to come! Much love!
    Team Parker

  • Steve P

    OMG! So proud of all of you. Congratulations to all.

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